BAG001-Kid 606-Wickid-2004
BAG002-Mr. Kill-Haters Want War EP-2005
BAG003-Venetian Snares-Winnipeg is a Frozen Shithole EP-2005
BAG004-Venetian Snares-Winnipeg is a Frozen Shithole EP vol. 2-2005
BAG005-Teknoist & Scheme Boy vs. Mr. Kill-Untitled-2007
BIB 001-Rotator & Cardopusher-Jump Da Fuck Up & Fighters Unite-10'' vinyl-2008
DAM 12.001-Rotator-He Who Makes A Beast Of Himself Gets Rid Of The Pain Being A Man !-1999
DAM 12.002-Parasite-Baby 9mm
DAM 12.003-Kovert-Versioning-2002
DAM 12.004-Krumble-The Disco Breaker-2003
DAM 12.005-Repeater-Terrestrial Activity-2003
DAM 12.007-Krumble-My Funny Dead Cat-2005
DAM 12.008-Enduser-Caustic pulse-2005
DAM 12.009-Cardopusher-Red Red Blood-2007
DAM 12.010-Krumble-Return Of The Amen Spamer-2008
DAM 12.011-Broken Note-Fueling The Fire EP-2008
MSADV 0.01-Xanopticon-Meme Mage-2003
MSADV 0.02-Drop the Lime-Surrender the Sound-2004
MSADV 0.03(CD)-Various-Invasion From XXX Dimension-2004
MSADV 0.04-Eight Frozen Modules-Rejected Resident EP-2005
MSADV 0.05-Duran Duran Duran-Blow Job Breaks-2006
MSADV 0.06-Monster X-Disco Zombie Assault-2007
MSADV 0.07-Ebola-On A Gastro-Bass Tip-2007
MSADV 0.08-Amph-Mambo Mind-2008
POFF CD 01-Anarchic Hardrive-Feeding Our Paranoia-2005
POFF CD MIX 01-C64-Transitional Days
POFF CD MIX 02-Rotator-Fuck Shit Up X-Toxic-2005
POFF CD MIX 03-Rotator-Choose Your Poison, Mine Is Hardcore !!!-2007
POFF FREE MIX 01-Trippmatic-Break Beathoven Got Heroin-2007
POFF KC 01-Various-The Kamikaze Club 01-1999
POFF KC 02-Various-The Kamikaze Club 02-2000
POFF KC 03-Various-The Kamikaze Club 03-2001
POFF KC 04-Various-The Kamikaze Club 04-2006
POFF KC 05-Various-The Kamikaze Club 05-2006
POFF KC 06-Various-The Kamikaze Club 06-2007
POFF KC 07-Various-The Kamikaze Club 07-2008
POFF LTD 01-Rotator Kids vs Slam-Untitled-1999
POFF LTD 02-Parasite vs. Electromeca-2000
POFF LTD 03-Society Suckers & Slam-United on the Warpath-2001
POFF LTD 04-Xanopticon vs. Eiterherd-Novus Ordo Seculorum-2001
POFF LTD 05-Electric Kettle-Faster Ceremony And Ultra Discipline-2003
POFF LTD 06-Rotator-Dissident Sound Maniac Part 1.0-2005
POFF LTD 08-D'Kat-A device attached to the system is not functioning properly-2003
POFF LTD 09-Electromeca-Battling Doll Beats-2004
POFF LTD 10-Sickboy-Morbid Monster Breaks-2004
POFF LTD 11-Doormouse-Fractured Hearts-2005
POFF LTD 12-Cardopusher-Hippie Killers Don't Mind Jah Conversations-2x12'' vinyl-2006
POFF LTD 13-Rotator & Krumble & Cardopusher-Trash'n'ready Tour EP-2006
POFF LTD 14-Mochipet-My Gucci Chainsaw Ass Clap Attack-2006
POFF LTD 15-Dr. Bastardo-When Dubplates Attack-2006
POFF LTD 16-Electric Kettle-Camels To Cannibals-2007
POFF LTD 17-Sickboy-Times Infinity-2007
POFF LTD 20-Rotator-Curses On Your Ghettoblaster-2008
POFF LTD 21-Le Jad-Painful Epic EP-2008
POFF LTD 22-Dr Bastardo-Death To All False Rave-2008
RUFF 01-DTL Vs. Black Ham-Urban Collision EP-2006
RUFF 02-VA-Ruff 02-2006
RUFF 03-VA-Rules Of Anger-2007
RUFF 04-B-lam-Mongrel & Traitor-2007
RUFF 05-Starkey & Bong-Ra-Lupe Kick Push & Sissy Spacek-2007
RUFF 06-Broken Note-Dubversion & Mortal Bass-2008
RUFF 07-Flatmate & Totally Normal-Bagheera & Grin Your Grime-2008
RUFF 08-Broken Note vs Starkey-War In The Making & No Struggle-2008


05/19/2014 - 23:51 Eugene87 says : Reply

Thanks this is very nice :D

05/20/2014 - 23:59 Anonymous says : Reply

Thank you many times for this!! Been waiting for it to appear online once.

03/20/2017 - 21:56 McBong says : Reply

Any chance to get a update for this label? They released a lot since the last release which is featured here. Mainly the POFF DIGIT releases

03/21/2017 - 13:03 adm says : Reply

hi, i have some POFF DIGIT releases, but only a few, i will search for all of them, hope will finish in 2 weeks

03/21/2017 - 13:15 McBong says : Reply

Awesome, thanks a lot. Any is it possible to seperate POFF and the sublabels? Because I have most sublabels and dont want to donwload them all again