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Sound Abuse - Feverish Dreams
Feverish Dreams (2017)Sound AbuseHardcore2017-06-16
Beastarius - Heavy Rotation
Heavy Rotation (2017)BeastariusHardcore2017-06-16
Lysergide & Hydroxide - Don't Look In The Basement
Don't Look In The Basement (2016)Lysergide, HydroxideHardcore2017-06-16
Industrial Frequency - Over And Out EP (2017)
Over And Out EP (2017)Industrial FrequencyHardcore2017-06-16
The Hardcoholics - Dust to Ashes
Dust to Ashes (2014)The HardcoholicsHardcore2017-06-16
The Reactor & Raoul Vs. Miss Flower - Are You Ready?
Are You Ready? (2001)The Reactor & Raoul, Miss FlowerHardcore2017-06-16
Omar Santana - Omar, Rip It Up (1996)
Omar, Rip It Up (1996)Omar SantanaHardcore2017-06-16
Evil Activities & Furyan - Speak My Mind (2017)
Speak My Mind (2017)Evil Activities, FuryanHardcore2017-06-02
Tha Playah & E-Force - Distorted Noises (2017)
Distorted Noises (2017)Tha Playah, E-ForceHardcore2017-06-02
Paul Elstak & Neophyte feat. Alee - Icon (2017)
Icon (2017)Paul Elstak, NeophyteHardcore2017-06-02