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Miss K8 - St8ment
St8ment (2017)Miss K8Hardcore2017-04-18
DJ Paul Elstak - Helium
Helium (2017)DJ Paul ElstakHardcore2017-04-18
N-Vitral  I:Gor - Rebirth
Rebirth (2017)N-Vitral, I:GorHardcore2017-04-18
Dyprax  Norphine - Don't Fear Death (2017)
Don't Fear Death (2017)Dyprax, NorphineHardcore2017-04-18
Deadly Guns - Step Back
Step Back (2017)Deadly GunsHardcore2017-04-18
Fucking Paranoid - Condemned To The Rave
Condemned To The Rave (2017)Fucking ParanoidHardcore2017-04-18
Carnage & Cluster - Disposable Heroes
Disposable Heroes (2017)Carnage & ClusterHardcore2017-04-18
Noize Secret Doctrine - Al Doilea E. Abstraction E.P
Al Doilea E. Abstraction E.P (2017)Noize Secret DoctrineHardcore2017-04-18
DJ Ychy & Hungry Beats - Neurotoxin (2017)
Neurotoxin (2017)Hungry Beats, DJ YchyHardcore2017-04-18
Psychoweapon - Criminal
Criminal (2017)PsychoweaponHardcore2017-04-18