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Krowdexx - Vektans EP
Vektans EP (2017)KrowdexxHardstyle2017-06-02
Mrotek ft. MC Heretik - Slaves To The Clock
Slaves To The Clock (2017)Mrotek, MC HeretikHardstyle2017-06-02
Dr Rude ft. Jesse Lyons - Out Of Heaven
Out Of Heaven (2017)Dr Rude, Jesse LyonsHardstyle2017-06-02
Delete - The Power
The Power (2017)DeleteHardstyle2017-06-02
Degos & Re-Done - Release Me (2017)
Release Me (2017)Degos & Re-DoneHardstyle2017-06-02
Rebelion - Echoes
Echoes (2017)RebelionHardstyle2017-05-15
Hard Driver ft. LXCPR - My Own Space
My Own Space (2017)Hard Driver, LXCPRHardstyle2017-05-15
Josh and Wesz - Ride (2017)
Ride (2017)Josh, WeszHardstyle2017-05-15
Refuzion ft Christian Carlucci - Follow Me
Follow Me (2017)Refuzion, Christian CarlucciHardstyle2017-05-15
 Sub Zero Project  GLDY LX - Basstrain
Basstrain (2017) Sub Zero Project, GLDY LXHardstyle2017-05-15
Lenny Dee & Mr Madness Ft. Bobby D - Punch Him In The Face
Punch Him In The Face (2016)Lenny Dee, Mr MadnessHardstyle2017-05-02
Psyko Punkz - Wietse
Wietse (2017)Psyko PunkzHardstyle2017-05-02
Sound Rush - Live Forever
Live Forever (2017)Sound RushHardstyle2017-05-02
Hard Driver - The Empire
The Empire (2017)Hard DriverHardstyle2017-05-02
Regain & Delete - Always Angry (2017)
Always Angry (2017)Delete, RegainHardstyle2017-05-02
B-Front & Andy Svge - Beat The Darkness
Beat The Darkness (2017)B-Front, Andy SvgeHardstyle2017-05-02