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Bassdrum Project - Injection (2008)
Injection (2008)Bassdrum ProjectHardstyle2008-08-02
Brennan Heart Meets Clive King - Fearless / Wooloomooloo (2008)
Fearless / Wooloomooloo (2008)Brennan Heart, Clive KingHardstyle2008-08-02
Vekta Feat. Mr. Eyez - Eardrums (2008)
Eardrums (2008)Vekta, Mr. EyezHardstyle2008-08-02
DJ Ba-Back vs. Greg Kalas - Pump Up the Bass (2008)
Pump Up the Bass (2008)DJ Ba-Back, Greg KalasHardstyle2008-08-02
Manu Kenton - Porn Star (2007)
Porn Star (2007)Manu KentonHardstyle2008-07-31
JLI Project vs. Switchblade - Gunrunners (2007)
Gunrunners (2007)JLI Project, SwitchbladeHardstyle2008-07-31
The Jack Foundation and Kamikaze and Mr. Eyez - Jack Yo Ballz Off! EP (2007)
Jack Yo Ballz Off! EP (2007)The Jack Foundation, KamikazeHardstyle2008-07-31
Dark By Design - The Shranz Edition (2007)
The Shranz Edition (2007)Dark By DesignTechno, Hardstyle2008-07-31
Paco Rincon Vs Alex Gimenez - Jumpstyle Combat Vol 1 (2008)
Jumpstyle Combat Vol 1 (2008)Paco Rincon, Alex GimenezHardstyle2008-07-30
Project One - Life Beyond Earth (2008)
Life Beyond Earth (2008)Project OneHardstyle2008-07-25
Sylenth and Glitch - Music In You (2008)
Music In You (2008)Sylenth, GlitchHardstyle2008-07-25