RoughSketch - 10 Years Of RoughSketch (Best Album 2006-2016)

16-10-2016 / Happy Hardcore, Hardcore, Speedcore

ARTiST : RoughSketch
TITLE : 10 Years of RoughSketch (Best Album 2006-2016)
LABEL : Notebook Records
QUALITY : 247 kbps / 44.1 kHz / Joint Stereo
SiZE : 395.18MB
GENRE : Hardcore
CD 1
1-RoughSketch / Killer Pill 2016 UPDATE
2-RoughSketch feat. Aikapin / Puppet Nightmare
3-RoughSketch feat.minami(Gt) & DD”ナカタ”Metal / Distorted Children
4-RoughSketch / Samurai Terrorist
5-RoughSketch feat. Aikapin / Face
6-RoughSketch / Time is Now
7-RoughSketch vs XIO / Tokyo
8-RoughSketch feat.楽天斎 / Breaking the Rules
9-RoughSketch / No Eyes
10-RoughSketch feat. Aikapin / Dollz
11-RoughSketch / We Still Love Hardcore
12-RoughSketch / Muscari
13-M-Project & RoughSketch / Olivia
14-RoughSketch feat.Aikapin / No Tears (Extended VIP)
1-RoughSketch / Asphalt & flower (Hellsystem Remix)
2-Rotterdam Terror Corps & Paul Elstak / Skull Dominion (Roughsketch Remix)
3-RoughSketch / No More Loop (Endymion Remix)
4-RoughSketch / Pride or Money (Nitrogenetics rmx)
5-kors k / Instead Of The Pills (RoughSketch Remix)
6-DJ TECHNORCH / Gothic System (RoughSketch Remix)
7-RoughSketch feat.Aikapin / Grimm (USAO’s Dubstep Remix)
8-HARDCORE TANO*C / TANO*C TOUR 2012 the Anthem (RoughSketch's DARK SIDE REMIX)
9-RoughSketch / Neo Criminals (Rayden Remix)
10-RoughSketch / The Super Coke (The Speed Freak Discoshit-Remix)
11-RoughSketch / Ganjapanic (DJ Plague Remix featuring HG)
12-RoughSketch / Susukino Fuck Face(from tokyo mix)Remixed by OZIGIRI
13-RoughSketch / Distorted Floor (Hommarju Remix)
© Konami Digital Entertainment
14-RoughSketch / Booths of Fighters (GUHROOVY Remix)
© Konami Digital Entertainment
1-Grimm feat. Aikapin
2-My Hardcore feat. DD”ナカタ”Metal
3-Maddest Circus Show feat. DD”ナカタ”Metal
4-Su5ukino Wa1ker feat. 楽天斎
5-This is True
6-The Joker
7-Kiss The Corpse
9-No Hands
10-No Force
11-No Colors
12-VOICE OF TRUTH feat. DD”ナカタ”Metal & Aikapin
13-Neodelic with. teranoid
14-ANUBIS with. Hommarju
15-Zipangu with. Hellsystem & DD"ナカタ"Metal
16-Light Years Ahead feat.DD”ナカタ”Metal
18-Distorted Media with. Noizenecio
19-Dead Clowns
20-Neo Criminals
21-Don’t Pray, Just Scream
with. NiActivity & DD”ナカタ”Metal
22-B-Raver is Back
23-The Far East Hardcore feat. DD”ナカタ”Metal
24-This is Parapara
25-Dicks Monster
26-Nights for Devils and Men feat. DD”ナカタ”Metal
27-System Doctor