Satan Inside Recordings

12-10-2009 / Hardcore, Speedcore, Experimental / Label
New Netlabel of Hardcore, Terror, Breakcore and Grindcore music based in Spain (Barcelona).
If you are a producer and you wanna participe in this label send us your demos.
We are a crew of Hardcore producers from Spain and Switzerland.
Rapeds By The Noise (Satan Inside Partys):
Best regards of the underground people from Spain and Hardcore will never die !!
[SI001] Dj T-rror vs Behemoth - Choices...
[SI002] Dj Vinyl Killer - Brutal Terror Sound
[SI003] Hardcorezofrenics vol.1
[SI004] Dj.T-rror V.s Dj.Vinyl Killer - Amazing KAOS
[SI005] Hardcorezofrenics vol.2
[SI006] Dj.Vinyl Killer - Mental Disaster (Need To Survive)
[SI007] Alex Tune v.s Stuff Terror - Ucrania v.s Switzerland
[SI008] Dj.T-rror - Hate The World
[SI009] Abraxas - Hard Times E.p
[SI010] Hardcorezofrenics 3, The third fucking hardcorezofrenics edition
[SI011] Dj.Vinyl Killer - Hard Religion


09/03/2015 - 03:02 Anonymous says : Reply

unfortunately SI004, SI006, SI008, SI009 and SI010 are missing-re-upload? Thank you so much!