Braincrushers, E-Rayzor & How Hard - Worldwide Movement: Remix Project (2017)
Worldwide Movement: Remix Project (2017)Braincrushers, How HardHardcore2017-08-02
Vague_Entity - .FCKD001
.FCKD001 (2016)Vague EntityHardcore, Speedcore2017-08-02
Billy Manik - Judgement EP
Judgement EP (2017)Billy ManikHardcore2017-08-02
Noisecontrollers - Spirit of Hardstyle (2017)
Spirit of Hardstyle (2017)NoisecontrollersHardstyle2017-08-02
Hardwell & Atmozfears & M.BRONX - All That We Are Living For (2017)
All That We Are Living For (2017)Hardwell, AtmozfearsHardstyle2017-08-02
Demi Kanon ft. Nino Lucarelli - Nothing At All
Nothing At All (2017)Demi Kanon, Nino LucarelliHardstyle2017-08-02
Psyko Punkz - Psyko Prince EP
Psyko Prince EP (2017)Psyko PunkzHardstyle2017-08-02
Pulse - Survivor
Survivor (2017)PulseHardstyle2017-08-02
Solstice & Anklebreaker Ft. Oscar - Way Of Life (2017)
Way Of Life (2017)Solstice, AnklebreakerHardstyle2017-08-02
Requiem - Next Level
Next Level (2017)RequiemHardstyle2017-08-02
Bass Chaserz Feat. Diesel - The Only Way Is Up (2017)
The Only Way Is Up (2017)Bass Chaserz, DieselHardstyle2017-08-02
Digital Punk & Myst - Destined To Shine (2017)
Destined To Shine (2017)Digital Punk, MystHardstyle2017-08-02