Himoteck feat VTX - Say My Name (2017)
Say My Name (2017)Himoteck, VTXHardcore2017-05-02
Vandal!sm Feat Eddyhardcore - Gangbang
Gangbang (2017)Vandal!sm, EddyhardcoreHardcore2017-05-02
Lenny Dee & Mr Madness Ft. Bobby D - Punch Him In The Face
Punch Him In The Face (2016)Lenny Dee, Mr MadnessHardstyle2017-05-02
Accuser & Trypta - The Pusher
The Pusher (2016)Accuser, TryptaHardcore2017-05-02
Psyko Punkz - Wietse
Wietse (2017)Psyko PunkzHardstyle2017-05-02
Sound Rush - Live Forever
Live Forever (2017)Sound RushHardstyle2017-05-02
Hard Driver - The Empire
The Empire (2017)Hard DriverHardstyle2017-05-02
Regain & Delete - Always Angry (2017)
Always Angry (2017)Delete, RegainHardstyle2017-05-02