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Billy Manik - Killah
Killah (2017)Billy ManikHardcore2017-03-15
Euphority - Our Nation EP
Our Nation EP (2016)EuphorityHardcore2017-03-15
Drug Fuckers & Alex Escriva - Indigenous (2016)
Indigenous (2016)Drug Fuckers, Alex EscrivaHardcore2017-03-02
Naughty Kicks - Suck My Kicks EP (2017)
Suck My Kicks EP (2017)Naughty KicksHardcore2017-02-15
Mortal Tension - The Genesis EP (2016)
The Genesis EP (2016)Mortal TensionHardcore2017-02-15
Billy Manik - Total Confusion (2016)
Total Confusion (2016)Billy ManikHardcore2017-01-16
Skullfuck3r - Undead Warrior EP (2016)
Undead Warrior EP (2016)Skullfuck3rHardcore2017-01-16
Violence & Bane - Where The Party At (2016)
Where The Party At (2016)Violence & BaneHardcore2017-01-02
R!val & Euphority - Fuck The Religion (2016)
Fuck The Religion (2016)R!val, EuphorityHardcore2016-12-17
The Freaky Bastard - Syndicate DJ Terror Remix (2016)
Syndicate DJ Terror Remix (2016)The Freaky BastardHardcore2016-12-17
The Vinyl Raider - Bad Trip (2012)
Bad Trip (2012)The Vinyl RaiderHardcore2016-11-16