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The Speed Freak - WTR!? What The Remix!? (2016)
WTR!? What The Remix!? (2016)The Speed FreakHardcore2016-12-02
Liquid Blasted - Panical mechanical EP (2004)
Panical mechanical EP (2004)Liquid BlastedHardcore2016-12-02
The Speed Freak - Straight Forward (2015)
Straight Forward (2015)The Speed FreakHardcore2015-01-18
The Sickest Squad - Sick Dreams (2014)
Sick Dreams (2014)The Sickest SquadHardcore, Frenchcore2015-01-03
Sirio - Unreal (2014)
Unreal (2014)SirioHardcore2014-12-02
The Sickest Squaf Ft. System 3 & RTSier - Sick Dreams EP (2014)
Sick Dreams EP (2014)The Sickest Squaf, System 3Hardcore, Frenchcore2014-12-02