Bartoch albums download

Yes Sir! (2015)D-Mas, BartochHardcore2018-11-15
Bartoch , Syndrome - Good Attention
Good Attention (2017)Bartoch, SyndromeHardcore2017-07-17
Bartoch - Last Goodbye
Last Goodbye (2017)BartochHardcore2017-06-16
Bartoch - Metal Slug
Metal Slug (2017)BartochHardcore2017-05-02
Bartoch and A-Kriv - Party EP (2013)
Party EP (2013)Bartoch, A-KrivHardcore2013-12-27
Bartoch - Untitled EP (2013)
Untitled EP (2013)BartochHardcore2013-12-27
Bartoch & Marc Osmate - Lijpohuis (2011)
Lijpohuis (2011)Bartoch, Marc OsmateFrenchcore2011-12-22
Bartoch & Fixed Gear - Untitled (2011)
Untitled (2011)Bartoch, Fixed GearFrenchcore, Hardcore2011-12-22
The Punisher & Bartoch - Kick Your Fucking Ass (2011)
Kick Your Fucking Ass (2011)The Punisher, BartochHardcore2011-12-22
Bartoch - Bombastic (2010)
Bombastic (2010)BartochHardcore2010-11-05
Bartoch, Est, Cyane - Untitled (2008)
Untitled (2008)Bartoch, EstHardcore2009-08-21
Bartoch and Cyane - This Is Hardcore Anthem 2009
This Is Hardcore Anthem 2009Bartoch, CyaneHardcore2009-06-02
Bartoch, E.S.T., Cyane - Untitled (2007)
Untitled (2007)Bartoch, CyaneHardcore2007-11-24