The Freaky Bastard albums download

Falcon (2021)The Freaky Bastard, OrotoHardcore2022-01-16
Like This (2021)The Freaky BastardHardcore2021-12-01
Caliente (Pro Mix) (2021)The Freaky BastardHardcore2021-10-15
Attack (2021)The Dark Horror, The Freaky BastardHardcore2021-09-01
Troublemakers (2021)The Freaky Bastard, GoetiaHardcore2021-08-15
Damage (2021)The Freaky BastardHardcore2021-05-02
Knock-out EP (2020)The Freaky BastardHardcore2021-02-16
Lazzy Fever (2020)The Freaky BastardHardcore2020-07-15
Peaky Fuckin Blinders (2020)The Freaky BastardHardcore2020-04-01
Nothing But Big Things (2019)Goetia, The Freaky BastardHardcore2019-12-15
El Gringo (2019)Miss Enemy, The Freaky BastardHardcore2019-10-02
Blowing Smoke (2019)The Freaky BastardHardcore2019-04-15
The Freaky Bastard - Syndicate DJ Terror Remix (2016)
Syndicate DJ Terror Remix (2016)The Freaky BastardHardcore2016-12-17
The Freaky Bastard - Invaders (2016)
Invaders (2016)The Freaky BastardHardcore2016-06-04