The Wishmaster albums download

Pop A Pill (2020)The Wishmaster, BreakStyleHardcore2020-04-15
Rules Dont Apply (2019)The Wishmaster, Rotterdam Terror CorpsHardcore2019-03-01
Hardcore Nothing Else (2018)The WishmasterHardcore2018-10-01
Music To Die For (2017)The WishmasterHardcore2017-11-01
The Wishmaster - Disobey
Disobey (2017)The WishmasterHardcore2017-07-02
The Wishmaster - Tertius EP (2015)
Tertius EP (2015)The WishmasterHardcore2015-09-02
The Wishmaster - Secundus (2015)
Secundus (2015)The WishmasterHardcore2015-02-03
The Wishmaster - Primus (2014)
Primus (2014)The WishmasterHardcore2014-05-02
The Wishmaster - Disease (2013)
Disease (2013)The WishmasterHardcore2013-04-04
The Wishmaster - Cyberpunk (2011)
Cyberpunk (2011)The WishmasterHardcore2011-07-16
The Revolution (2011)The WishmasterHardcore2011-03-31
The Wishmaster & Promo - Real Rude (2010)
Real Rude (2010)The Wishmaster, PromoHardcore2010-04-28
The Wishmaster - Silence Surrounds Me (2009)
Silence Surrounds Me (2009)The WishmasterHardcore2009-04-04
The Wishmaster - Back Forever (2008)
Back Forever (2008)The WishmasterHardcore2008-11-01
The Wishmaster - Ground Pressure (2007)
Ground Pressure (2007)The WishmasterHardcore2007-09-18