VA - Happy Hardcore Fever (1995)

VA - Happy Hardcore Fever (1995)

01-07-2010 / Happy Hardcore

A1 DJ Vibes & Wishdokta - Rave Is A Mystery
A2 DJ Brisk vs. Rebel Alliance - Floor Friction
A3 Dougal - Really Love U Remix
B1 Stu J & DJ U.F.O. - Get Ill
B2 A Sense Of Summer - On Top
B3 DJ Force & The Evolution - Show Me Heaven
C1 Cheddar - Vol. II - Take Me Up
C2 Sunshine Productions - Take Me To The Top (Billy 'Daniel' Bunter & JDS Remix)
C3 Dougal - Seven Ways
D1 DJ Intense - For Real
D2 Sub-State - Take Me Up (Vibes & Wishdokta Remix)
D3 Vibes & Wishdokta - Givin' It All I Got
320kbps Download


08/21/2019 - 00:29 NiN says : Reply

Faltan las siguientes pistas en el archivo RAR:
Faltan de la C1 a la D3

08/21/2019 - 10:02 adm says : Reply

sorry, only I have only this incomplete vinyl rip