DJ Partyraiser - Presents Machine City (2008)

13-03-2008 / Hardcore / Rotterdam Records


On Saturday the 20th of October 2007, the main hall of the Ahoy venue in Rotterdam was transformed into Machine City, a brand new developed hardcore concept. For this very first edition of Machine City, one of Hollands biggest and most booked hardcore stars, DJ Partyraiser, had the ultimate honor to kick off this concept.
A huge honor indeed, considering the fact that DJ Partyraiser is the very first hardcore artist ever to have the possibility to be an absolute headliner on such a high profile hardcore event, at this particular venue!
'DJ Partyraiser presents Machine City turned out to be a blazing night filled with special effects and stunning performances by DJ Party-raiser and his, personally invited, hardcore colleagues. With flying robot acts, freaky theatrical entertainment, amazing live-musicians, beat boxers, special lasers, LED video walls and impressive fireworks, Machine City certainly was a one-of-a-kind event. DJ Partyraiser presents Machine City saw exclusive back-to-back DJ sets presenting never seen before combinations of the biggest hardcore artists, resulting in many surprising and mind-blowing DJ sets.
This double CD compilation reflects the highlights of Machine City containing sensational DJ sets by DJ Partyraiser solo, as well as his back-to-back sets with Headbanger, Gizmo, Tieum, Akira & The Vizitor and Noisekick. As a bonus, the live registration DVD of
DJ Partyraiser presents Machine City is included in the package showing the best of the best DJ sets, live acts and the awesome special effects DJ Partyraiser has put into his show.
DJ Partyraiser presents Machine City: not for the weak-hearted!
DJ Partyraiser
1-01 Unknown Artist - Machine City - Intro
1-02 DJ Partyraiser - Daar Istie Weer!!
1-03 Kasparov - Lobster Logic
1-04 Art Of Fighters - Redemption (3:6)
1-05 Scan 7 - You Have The Rights (D-Passion Remix)
1-06 Neophyte - Recession (The Relic Remix)
1-07 Euromasters - Alles Naar De Klote (Neophyte & Evil Activities Remix)
1-08 DJ Partyraiser & Scrape Face - Focking Niet Normaal
DJ Partyraiser vs. Headbanger
1-09 DJ Partyraiser vs. Headbanger ft. Ruffian & Elize - Machine City Anthem
1-10 Dione - Pain Till I Die (Headbanger Remix)
1-11 The Stunned Guys & DJ Paul - Thrillseeka (The Stunned Guys 2004 Reload)
1-12 Bodylotion - Neighbourhood Crime (Tha Playah Remix)
1-13 Headbanger ft. MC Alee - Strike (Kasparov Remix)
1-14 Headbanger ft. MC Mouth Of Madness - Apocalypse
1-15 Bodylotion - How Much Can You Take (Catscan Remix)
1-16 Hard Creation - I Will Have That Power (The Stunned Guys Remix)
DJ Partyraiser vs. Gizmo
1-17 DJ Skorp & DJ Pila - Mindcontroller
1-18 Masters Of Ceremony - Hardcore To Da Bone
1-19 DJ Delerium & Omar Santana - Drop Da Beat
1-20 Tiny Tot - Discoland
1-21 Diss Reaction - Jiiieeehaaaa
1-22 Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo - DJ Fuck
1-23 DJ Gizmo - End Of The Beginning
1-24 The Prophet - Allright Now Here We Go
1-25 Reyes - Rock With Me
DJ Partyraiser vs. Tieum
2-01 Tieum - Bitch Sexuality
2-02 Radium & Tieum - Good Bye E.T.
2-03 Tieum - Dog Mixing Disco
2-04 Tieum - I Still Fucked Up
2-05 Tieum - Fuck Right Off
2-06 Tieum - GMX
2-07 Tieum - I Don't Give A Shit
2-08 DJ Psycho - Motherfucking Pussy
2-09 Moshpit - Burn In Hell (Tieum Remix)
2-10 Tieum - Q BazZz
DJ Partyraiser vs. Akira & The Vizitor
2-11 Delta 9 - My Brain
2-12 Drokz - I Accept The Word Of Satan
2-13 Stickhead & Don Demon - Demonhead
2-14 Face Hoover - Pure Fucking Armageddon
2-15 The Speed Freak - Puppetmaster
2-16 Forsaken Is Dead - Bloodbath Circuitry
2-17 Cemon Victa - Rorret Le Core
2-18 The DJ Producer - Christina Gets It (R_aw Edit)
2-19 SRB - Technical Malfunction
2-20 Frazzbass - Speak English MOtherfucker (The Destroyer Remix)
2-21 Goetia - Trashcore
2-22 Akira & Metal D - Trancetrutje
2-23 Anarchi3 - Boom Boom
2-24 TerrorMasta ft. KO & MC ChazerOne - Kick Den Scheiss Pervers
2-25 Mr. Courage - Kicking Celine In Da Balzz
2-26 DJ R.Shock vs. Gabbro - We Rule The World
DJ Partyraiser vs. Noisekick
2-27 Noisekick - Sick Son Of A Bitch
2-28 Noisekick - Hij Loopt Rondjes
2-29 Noisekick - Only DJ Noisekick Will Survive
2-30 Noisekick - Koffie Met Een Smaakje
2-31 Noisekick & Stinger - Stik De Moord