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The M.S.P. - Primitiveee 100% (2011)
Primitiveee 100% (2011)The M.S.P.Speedcore, Experimental2011-01-14[regex_rewrite_3]
Sinthe Labo / Mechanic Willow - Niente Di Nuovo Sotto Il Sole (2003)
Niente Di Nuovo Sotto Il Sole (2003)Sinthe Labo, Mechanic WillowBreakcore, Experimental2011-01-14
Kaktus Ice - PEAS (2010)
PEAS (2010)Kaktus IceBreakcore, Experimental2010-11-16[regex_rewrite_3]
Goreshit - Dancefloor Degrader (2010)
Dancefloor Degrader (2010)GoreshitHardcore, Breakcore2010-11-16[regex_rewrite_3]
Annoying Ringtone - Party Killer (2010)
Party Killer (2010)Annoying RingtoneHappy Hardcore, Breakcore2010-10-25[regex_rewrite_3]
Lord Sinister VS Metamphkore AKA Hells Authority - Warlords (2010)
Warlords (2010)Lord Sinister, MetamphkoreHardcore, Experimental2010-08-30
Loffciamcore and Odaxelagnia - Party Warfare!!! (2010)
Party Warfare!!! (2010)Loffciamcore, OdaxelagniaSpeedcore, Experimental2010-08-17[regex_rewrite_3]
The Captain Kirk On LSD Experience - Dancecore From Outer Space (2010)
Dancecore From Outer Space (2010)The Captain Kirk On LSD ExperienceHappy Hardcore, Breakcore2010-08-17[regex_rewrite_3]