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The Speed Freak - For You (1995)
For You (1995)The Speed FreakBreakcore, Hardcore2007-05-21
Rotterdam Terror Corps - Unleash Hell (2002)
Unleash Hell (2002)Rotterdam Terror CorpsHardcore2007-05-21
Tha Playah - The Greatest Clits (2006)
The Greatest Clits (2006)Tha PlayahHardcore2007-05-21 or 320kbps:
Rotterdam Terror Corps - Three Waisted Souls (1995)
Three Waisted Souls (1995)Rotterdam Terror CorpsHardcore2007-05-20
Rotterdam Terror Corps - Fuck The Millennium (1999)
Fuck The Millennium (1999)Rotterdam Terror CorpsHardcore2007-05-20
Rude Awakening - Forward Observer (2005)
Forward Observer (2005)Rude AwakeningHardcore2007-05-20
Rotterdam Terror Corps - From Dusk Till Doom (1998)
From Dusk Till Doom (1998)Rotterdam Terror CorpsHardcore2007-05-20
Atari Teenage Riot - Redefine The Enemy! (2002)
Redefine The Enemy! (2002)Atari Teenage RiotHardcore, Breakcore2007-05-20
Frazzbass & Negative Network - Silence (2007)
Silence (2007)Frazzbass, Negative NetworkHardcore, Speedcore2007-05-20
The Speed Freak - Hammerhead (2007)
Hammerhead (2007)The Speed FreakHardcore2007-05-20
Rotterdam Terror Corps - Sick & Twisted (1997)
Sick & Twisted (1997)Rotterdam Terror CorpsHardcore2007-05-19
Rotterdam Terror Corps - Constrictor (1999)
Constrictor (1999)Rotterdam Terror CorpsHardcore2007-05-19
Rotterdam Terror Corps - Schizophrenic (2000)
Schizophrenic (2000)Rotterdam Terror CorpsHardcore2007-05-19
Rotterdam Terror Corps - Strictly Hardcore (1996)
Strictly Hardcore (1996)Rotterdam Terror CorpsHardcore2007-05-19
Darkcore DamageNosferatuHardcore2007-05-17
Bong-Ra / Enduser - The Kill (2007)
The Kill (2007)Bong-Ra, EnduserHardcore, Breakcore2007-05-17