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The Supernatural (2018)Digital Punk, B-FrontHardstyle2018-12-16
Hypnose (2018)EmpiraHardstyle2018-12-16
A New Day EP (2018)Phuture NoizeHardstyle2018-12-16
Ready To Rave (2018)W & W, Armin Van BuurenHardstyle2018-12-16
Music In Me (2018)The Pitcher, Sam LemayHardstyle2018-12-16
Elysian (2018)Wasted PenguinzHardstyle2018-12-02
Corruption (2018)RebelionHardstyle2018-12-02
Gave U My Love (2018)D-Block & S-Te-FanHardstyle2018-12-02
Evergreen (2018)Wasted PenguinzHardstyle2018-12-02
Breathe (2018)Atmozfears, Devin WildHardstyle2018-12-02
Some More (2018)Jack Of Sound, The Outside AgencyHardstyle2018-12-02
Power Up EP (2018)AudiofreqHardstyle2018-12-02
Command & Conquer (2018)Radical RedemptionHardstyle2018-11-15