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Hi 2 all. During my vacation I thought about current situation with, and various download/upload schemes. ordered by judge to pay award to gay adult company Corbin Fisher $550,000's bank account are frozen, so their hosting is diabled, soon their accounts will be unfrozen and they'll pay for hosting, and will back online.
According to court decicion this must happen within one month, by 9th of September or earlier.
But what will happens then nobody knows exactly.
Please don't ask to reupload Oron links, read below why.

Now we have some ways to share with HC/HS:
1. Reuploading to another host
2. Using torrents
3. Using Usenet
4. Using SoulSeek, DC Hub, etc
5. Using ftp

1. Uploading a 1000 GB of Hardcore not a big problem, but packing all albums, vinyls in single archives takes much time, and moreover much time takes modifying of site pages with new reuploaded links.
Also no good host exist now, which has fast ftp access, supports large files, long file living time.
And no warranty that new filehost will live long time.
So lets see if Oron will arise in September, then we'll continue upload to Oron.
Mediafire, zippyshare have no ftp upload, so they're useless.

2. Using torrents is nice way, but also needs a lot of time to create torrent files, and modify existing site pages (or create new) with new torrent links. Also torrent tracker should be installed and cofigured properly.

3. Using Usenet may be good, but needs money, no free downloads there at all, also special programs should be installed.

4. SoulSeek, DC Hub, etc are rare and have hard to use protocols with limits, and specific problems

5. Using FTP seems to be ok, fast & easy to upload/download, install & use. But downloading/uploading usually is limited due to high bandwidth use, and money costs

FTP will work for one month, and we'll see how much traffic/money needs to mantain server.

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