New 2012 Year

New 2012 Year has come.
As I wrote before new 2012 year will bring new design within new website engine.
It is 90% completed, most of all posts are moved into the new version.
We already started testing it with live visitors
Go and see new design live, then write your feedbacks, ideas, page load speed problems, bugs, errors.

P.S. After publishing Noizefucker - Let's Make War (2011) a little shitstorm has began in comments.
And then we get a lot of new mails with speedcore releases of different artists and publiushed all of them (Freethinker, NUH & Yudlugar, Lord of Sp33d, GewaltAcT & Nabend, Stormshocker, Terror Society & Nabend, Nabend & Terreurpsyco, Captain Chaos, The Speedcorist, Noize Overdose, The M.S.P.)
So today you'll see more speedcore than usually, and this is good way, stop hating in comments, and make your own music.


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