Hardsequencer Discography

Hardsequencer Discography

22-01-2012 / Happy Hardcore, Oldschool Techno / Special, Discography

1993 Hardsequencer_-_Hardsequencer-(FIRE101)-EP-1993-VoLGa (CBR 128 kbps)
1993 Hardsequencer-Hardsequencer-EP-1993-radial (CBR 192 kbps)
1993 Hardsequencer_-_Amiga_EP_(FIRE_102)_1993 (CBR 320 kbps)
1993 Hardsequencer-Amiga-EP-1993-RADIAL (CBR 192 kbps)
1993 Hardsequencer-Move_Fast_EP_(FIRE103)-Vinyl-1993-1REAL (CBR 192 kbps)
1994 Hardsequencer_-_Brain_Crash-1994-EMP (CBR 192 kbps)
1994 Hardsequencer_-_Brain_Crash_1994 (CBR 320 kbps)
1994 Hardsequencer_-_Evolution_EP_CDM_1994 (CBR 320 kbps)
1994 Hardsequencer_-_Evolution_EP_(The_Dancing_Nations_Remix)_CDM_1994 (CBR 320 kbps)
1994 Hardsequencer_-_Power_Of_Sound_CDM_1994 (CBR 320 kbps)
1994 Hardsequencer_-_Power_Of_Sound-1994-EMP (CBR 192 kbps)
1995 Hardsequencer-The_Sound_Transformation-REMIX_CDM-1995-ALPMP3_INT (VBR V2)
1995 Hardsequencer_-_The_Sound_Transformation_(Remixes)_CDM_1995 (CBR 320 kbps)
1995 Hardsequencer_-_The_Sound_Transformation_CDM_1995 (CBR 320 kbps)
1996 Hardsequencer_-_Pumpcore_EP_CDM_1996 (CBR 320 kbps)
1996 Hardsequencer_-_Pumpcore-EP-1996-EMP (CBR 192 kbps)
1997 Hardsequencer-The_Healer-CDS-1997-ALPMP3_INT (VBR V2)


02/13/2012 - 03:51 Michael says : Reply

Schade das mit dem neuen Layout alle Kommentare weg sind jetzt. Dann eben noch mal:
It was the best time of rave/hc parties. And I remember! Steve Mason has Played power of sound in his radio-show in 1994.

10/02/2012 - 00:35 szk says : Reply


10/02/2012 - 23:31 xs-hard says : Reply

WTF is that for a s***site that you uploaded on???????????????????????????

10/03/2012 - 00:10 szk says : Reply

And WTF is your problem?
Please note that,which was before Megaupload has gone.......Accept it!
I downloaded a file(145MB) today from Rapidgator,that was more than 2 hour!!RG is a bad joke!
Uploaded.to give 50k for free users and 60k for registered users,if you get free slots.On Saturday and Sunday forget it.
Secureupload give 60k for free and 120k for registered free users,and stable.I test this site every day since 3-4 months,and working EVERY day.Not only between midnight and 6AM,it is working Saturday 18:00 too.The upload and dowload too!!
This site slow a little bit? Yes!
There are popups? Yes!
There is filesize limit? Yes , 1GB as up and download for free! ( Remember:Zippy only 200MB)
This site working stable: Yes!!And this is the most important thing.
So,I don't know what is your problem exatly!!
Besides,your welcome for the reup! :)
And there is an another option,if you don't like this host:buy this releases in ORIGINAL!!!!!!!!
Have a nice day!
PS.: see Ultramegabit,they banned/restricted the poor countries,including many Eastern Europe countries.

10/03/2012 - 01:08 xs-hard says : Reply

Sorry 4 the bad language in the last message...
I tried to download it for more than 20 times, but before i can enter the captcha, i get redirected to the register-site
and i can't go back to the previous page.
I really thank you 4 the re-up and again sorry that i got a little mad after trying so many times,
but i think i can forget these ones... :(

10/03/2012 - 01:55 szk says : Reply

OK xs-hard,no problem! :)
What type of browser you are using?I think Internet Explorer.Right?Because,with Mozilla and Chrome working fine this host,no problem at all.I use the newest Mozilla,and I recommend you too.
I have many downloads from this site,so I think this problem will be in 99% browser problem.After I read your previous comment,I sent the link to my friend to Germany,and he downloaded without any problem.
So xs-hard,please try to download another browser,and let me know!If not works to you,please contact me,and I will write a letter to the support!

04/25/2013 - 01:27 Michael says : Reply

MAYDAY 2013 - never stop raving - 27.04 - ist ja auch dabei, unser Hardy Hard aka. Hardsequencer
(ich glaube ich wäre auch gerne dabei)