18-07-2007 / Hardstyle

Welcome to Noise-Joy, an underground net-label featuring free experimental, noise and primarily electronic styles of music and video from a variety of artists in a variety of formats. Nowhere else will you find a larger haven of radical and extreme musicians, except maybe in the links section.
This net-label, among others, is a collective rejection of 'the industry' that will live on forever, or until I run out of money.
The page containing downloads can be found at the above link titled releases. For answers to any of your questions or just to chat or something, contact Alex Spalding by email: alex [at] noise-joy [dot] org.
If you would like to have your music released, just send me a link to some of your material and I'll check it out and get back to you.
Check the MySpace for additional news and enjoy the music!

Equitant - Live At The Mandalay 4.30.07
01 Live At The Mandalay 4.30.07 (1:08:19)
Sieghai - La Mer, La Mère
01 Born in Underwater Wonderland (49:10)
Golgotha Communications LTD. - Dial Alley
01 3t | 02 for a tear | 03 sih | 04 brathe | 05 pz'doj