Imil - A Speedcore State Of Mind (2012)

29-02-2012 / Speedcore / Dance Corps
TITLE: A Speedcore State Of Mind
RELEASE DATE: 29/02/2012
01 - Imil - Intro
02 - Imil - Compulsive Originality
03 - Imil - Forever Dead (Featuring MC Widow)
04 - Imil & Sunhiausa - Our Generation
05 - Imil - Never Gonna Get Her (Negrobeat Remix)
06 - Imil - My Album Is Out On Dance Corps So I Am Now Allowed To Do A Dancecore, Yay!
07 - Imil - Children Of Noise (Featuring MC Fubar) LizArt Remix
08 - Imil - Our Lost Ones
09 - Imil - Over My Shoulder (m1dlet Remix)
10 - Imil & Slaughtered Panda Mask - Toxic Children
11 - Imil - A Moment Of Silence
12 - Imil - Evacuate The Moshpit (Annoying Ringtone Remix)
13 - Imil - The Unwritten Chapter
14 - Imil & m1dlet - Bailandorape
15 - Imil - A Speedcore State Of Mind (Featuring MC Dave!)
16 - Imil - Hurts Like Bullets
17 - Imil - I Still Don't Need Your Love
18 - Imil - Speedcore Beest (Feat. MC Babylonian)
19 - Imil - You
20 - Imil - Speedcore Paradise
21 - Imil - Stereotyped


03/09/2012 - 19:16 Dave! says : Reply

Not going to argue with anyone, i dont like that.. I'm just going to say that if you dont enjoy Imils, LOS, or my music., just simply stop listening to us. We're only having fun and we're not forcing you to listen. :)
Sorry you think this way about us

03/11/2012 - 04:54 sam says : Reply

not really a problem here ,further the one you have, you´re just another wannabe who thinks you likes speedcore,what the only thing which you enjoys is to put actual crap in your ears, this tracks are very rookie and low quality,show almost any skills,thats why i dont consider it to be on the scene ,f***ing kids who thinks you like speedcore, ger a life

03/11/2012 - 18:55 unstopable says : Reply

Today was bornt the Speedcore Allianz ,a group of people ,speedcore lovers and true djs and producers,meant to refuse the scene´s s***s such as this ,and to support and stand for the actual good Speedcore.
Its time for the resurrection of the scene, as I said previously we aint haters but lovers of the speedcore, and now its time to save the scene by kicking this Cant´s out of it.
Its time for the speedcore, its time to f*** all tis wannabes !!!!!

03/11/2012 - 19:22 google says : Reply

since now, when any children writes imil on me I will show no results, I´m not going to showem tha s*** which you have uploeded :)

03/11/2012 - 21:16 Annoying Ringtone says : Reply

The best thing about this thread is that the people on here who are claiming to be 'true-speedcore fans" are the ones that display the most arrogance, by far the least intelligence as well as a vast lack of writing and grammatical skills.
As I myself am a producer of 's***ty', 'fake', 'poser', 'fame' hungry speedcore I'm personally very happy that my tracks (as well as music by fellow artists and friends of mine such as Imil, Loffciamcore, m1dlet, Dave!, odaxelagnia etc) are making such an impact and that they even seem to have upset so many people. One of the reasons I even make music is to piss off people that take 'the scene' too seriously because imho this is the real reason the scene is dying: everyone is far too narrow minded to accept material from artists that are prepared to work outside of boundaries and experiment with stuff that may be difficult for some people to understand or accept or whatever. I honestly could not give two s***s whether people enjoy my stuff or not, I make music for myself (as do most artists in EVERY genre) so when people say stuff like "f*** off and die" or "go kill yourself" and all that I'm absolutely completely unaffected, I find it all pretty amusing tbh. (That said, I know that we're all open-minded to constructive criticism of all sorts, so feel free to write 'intelligent' reviews or give actual feedback we can take on board and learn from then we'd all appreciate it.)

03/18/2012 - 04:25 Anonymous says : Reply

Wow i can guarantee that 90% of the comments are from the same user. Srsly don't like it don't listen ...
Anyway it's a pretty decent release. Some tracks are great some are pretty dull and boring.But overall this is pretty. People these trolls and their stupid and lame comments .

04/02/2012 - 02:42 HKOW says : Reply

Bonehead, Prince ov Darkness etc etc are not the best dj's and producers of Speedcore. They make music repetitive and dirty Speedcore scene saying they are the best in style. Make way for new artists and producers try to make something new. If this album is not good, probably the next one better. And if not, try you to do something good, see if you are able. Make way for the new generation of artists. You are unable to see past the s*** that you think that is the best.

04/02/2012 - 18:22 etc... says : Reply

agree with you HKOW, bonehead and prince ov darkness... we´re all tired of this repetitive crap, imil makes something different and new, some tracks in this album seriously suck but some are really good, much better than any bonehead´s, I think this guy and many other who are not now on "the top" are the future of the speedcore scene,and we must support them to make this happend,imil ,the msp,dave... etc , and I hope Imil improves his style to renew the scene and move away all the old glories like bonehead who make the same kicks and same patters on every f ucking tune, nice work imil

04/03/2012 - 12:14 Anonymous says : Reply

yeah, go hell bonehead and prince ov darkness, this retarded ass holes who make only lame tracks,once were good, but now all sound the same shi tty loops and random paterns,also the f cuking fact they hit the new djs after partys to keep them out the scene, what a gay lossers !!! its time for a new speedcore generation with the good producers from the netlabs, loffciamcore,tommy rulez, imil... maybe they are not top quality now ! (you might find some crap in this album) but they are the f ucking future and I hope they come soon, nice people just making good music, no hitting the new djs after the partys, no making the same repetitive crap time over time as bonehead and gay prince ov crap do.
Long Life Imil !!

04/04/2012 - 01:35 Hersenerosie says : Reply

I couldn`t help to notice all the gossip here,i really don`t understand all the commotion about different styles an so-called hierarchy that seem to exist in speedcore-music.Speedcore imo is a counter-movement of commercial music,so it doesn`t really matter wich style someone has or what the quality of a track is,as long it is the absolute opposite of mainstream-music and hating it it won`t do much harm, because that is the aim of this music,to be hated,to be left in a corner and remain underground where it started and where it always remain to be,it doesn`t need a million fans ,because a commercial and capatalistic society will grab out their filthy greedy paws, exploit it and eventually kill it in the name of you so-called `dedicated`listeners(fans) untill there is no speedcore left,I hope i make a serious point here and leave you with something to think about and if not `f*** it ` and be sure to contininue with your puny inadult behaviour and destroy everything you `support` and move on to the next genre to destroy,

05/19/2012 - 12:36 Da Bitchen' says : Reply

And another thing, I like every type of Speedcore, doesn't matter if was made by Imil or Komprex & Frazzbass, I like it everything! Ofcourse, the commercial speedcore is going to the s*** (Bonehead & Prince ov Darkness were cool before), since DJ Plague leaved the scene everything went to s***...

05/19/2012 - 15:18 Danny says : Reply

Kap nou eens met dat haat verspreiden telkens dat jij zelf persoonlijk ruzie hebt met die gasten wat door je eigen schuld is moet je onderling gaan oplossen en niet leugens gaan verspreiden telkens! Jij denkt echt dat mensen jouw praatjes gaan geloven iedereen in Nederland weet allang dat de speedcore en terror scene nu minder is geworden door dat commerciele frenchcore hype!
Kappen nou gewoon met dat gestook van je want ik kan Ian voor jouw adres vragen en dan komen wij jou een bezoekje brengen (ik ben 1 van die gasten die toen erbij was die jou op CSR ook de tent uit sloeg) ;)
Het is maar een kleine moeite omdat Hilversumse Meent niet ver van mij vandaan ligt. Het is dan ook zwaar triest dat jij telkens die goeie jongens uit Den Haag steeds probeert onderuit te halen met dat geouwehoer van je en daar hou ik niet van!

05/19/2012 - 18:22 InCoreWeTrust says : Reply

Reading through all this crap... It's disgusting. Speedcore is muusic and every person has his own opinion. So instead of talking trash on a website that is destroying the scene more than any dj ever will, you should either go listening to some other music style or try making it yourself Don't spread hate on the new guys, the ones who improve will stick around, others will be forgotten.

05/20/2012 - 06:19 ccg93 says : Reply

i´d like IMIL, but i prefer NOISEKICK or TERRORBUNNY:)

05/21/2012 - 03:48 SealsAreMyFriends says : Reply

Owwww Terrorbunny, his releases were absolutely gorgeous, a lot of brutal & fast stuff very well made.
It's sad that he hasn't made speedcore for a while.

05/20/2012 - 07:37 Da Bitchen' says : Reply

Every Speedcore producer is awesome! Even Superius! I know he is a stupid jew fag but he produces good and crazy, beside him, there is Lord Of Sp33d! He is an awesome producer and he is a great guy! Even Dave! too, bronie but a crazy and awesome Speedcore producer! And talking about commercial/old/mainstream Producers, Tense & Nevermind have been releasing new awesome stuff! m1dy too! He's making a new compilation, and Neophyte is starting to produce a little bit of Terrorcore! Weird but cool at the time, ofcourse, everything was cool before DJ Plague leaved the scene, he was a great producer!

05/21/2012 - 00:47 The Real Angel Enemy says : Reply

My first comment is to inform you low life trolls that is not the speedcore scene. It is a website that allows for pirated downloads to be obtained or for netlabels to distribute. You don't like the music of an artist. Stop listening. If your looking for quality new releases try going to a record store or ordering a CD for a change. You complaining faggots make me sick.

05/22/2012 - 08:10 Da Bitchen' says : Reply

Yeah, me too, pls stop all this s*** of trolls that says that Bonehead & Prince ov Darkness are the best compared to us, maybe yes but they are annoying people that don't give a f*** what fans like you think of them! A real Speedcore producer is DJ Plague, he makes quality Speedcore and beside that, he is a great person with his fans; instead, Bonehead, Frazzbass, etc. are too annoying with their fans and they only think on money and studios s***, I can make quality Speedcore without any f***ing studio! The problem is that you think young producers can't be as bigger than "real" Speedcore producers.

11/18/2012 - 21:11 Anonymous says : Reply

I like those stupid faggots who tink they are very "in the speedcore scene" but then only listen to komprex and such that arent even speedcore but GRINDCORE(techno). Seriously, get your f***ing facts straight before you make judgements about what is real speedcore, because the real speedcore is on m1dlet, m1dy, etc.... while Imil is more melodic speedcore.
ALso a little reminder:
Melodic speedcore
Lolicore/Happy speedcore
I've even heard of flashcore but i dont know anything about it.
So stop whinning, speedcore is a big world of different styles.

06/06/2015 - 23:01 Anonymous says : Reply

lmao the discussion, you're all fucking lowlife nerds nobody cares about