Skitzaph0nic - Transformers (2012)

Skitzaph0nic - Transformers (2012)

30-04-2012 / Breakcore, Experimental

Heavy robotic grinding basslines and broken rhythms meticulously created this heavily intoxicated cybernetic beast! Skitzaph0nic is a melodic bassline master and is not new to music (or Splatterkore) but this is a brand new and exciting project. Each track on his "Transformer EP" is conceptualized to represent a different character.
1 Megatron
2 Shotgun Dream Machine
3 Robotic Organisms
4 Drunken Transformer


07/23/2012 - 19:48 Josh Skitzaph0nic says : Reply

Track order is backwards. correct track order is: track 1 Drunken Transformer 2 Robotic Organisms 3 Megatron 4 Shotgun dream machine