Doormouse - Insideout Liver Meat Balloon (1998)

Doormouse - Insideout Liver Meat Balloon (1998)

11-08-2007 / Hardcore, Breakcore

'For Mama's' is one of the best hardcore/jungle crossover tracks from tthe late 90's. An ode to the dog Mama who lived on the farm that hosted the famous barn parties, the dog bark samples add that flavor and feeling of that time to this track. Hardcore hasn't been the same since then.....
A1 For Mama's
A2 57th St. Royal Elk's Club
B1 Mechanically Separated Chicken
B2 Stallis


03/26/2013 - 17:03 Anonymous says : Reply

thanks! for mama's is the best - does anyone know about any alternate versions of it? because I have an old mp3 of the track I got from limewire - and it's the same but it's like a radio/dancefloor friendly edit - it's proably better, but eh, anyone know anything about this?
I may be a few years late here, but still if anyone knows it'd be great to find out :)