Zenith - Flowers Of Intelligence (1999)

Zenith - Flowers Of Intelligence (1999)

11-08-2007 / Experimental, Hardcore


Trance, Hardcore, Experimental
This album brings you some original industrial beats. Zenith must have visited church very often as he combines those beats with heavenly and angelic ambient music. This contrast works very well. Also, you can hear the influence of Aphex Twin during some tracks. The Flowers Of Intelligence song is the track to freak out on but be sure you will find some other beauties.
01 The Lovesong Of Blue Lead
02 The Streets Of Avalon
03 Green Hallucinated Mushrooms
04 Midnight
05 Sknaht Laiceps
06 Flowers Of Intelligence
07 Electric Turtle
08 A Tear In Heart


11/01/2018 - 12:56 Industrial hardcore says : Reply

Reupload please
I would like to download it