Gabber, Experimental, Industrial
E-Noid, the other pseudonym of Erik Ypma, is the rough side of hardcore; no commercial sounds, just plain hardcore mayhem. On this release, The D.N.A Records resident shows his own vision of underground hardcore as it should be. The innovating sound of E-Noid now finally has found a place of its own on this special limited hardcore CD. Take the trip and enjoy the sound of E-Noid.
01 It's Alive
02 Liquid Super D
03 Radiocheck
04 Violent Content
05 Allround
06 Destination Death
07 When The Sun Rises
08 Sending The Beast
09 Devil Inside
10 Selfdestruct
11 Melatonin
12 I Am U
13 Ghost & The Darkness
14 Big Pile Of Shit
15 Last Laugh