Special Forces

Special Forces

03-09-2014 / Hardcore, Speedcore / Label

SPF01 eiterherd - brachial gewalt (VBR V2)
SPF02 skullblower - tiny vicious elements (CBR 128 kbps)
SPF03 re.pete - release your anger (incomplete) (CBR 192/128 kbps)
SPF04 animal intelligence - kick em while they're down (CBR 160 kbps)
SPF05 Gwal-Unklarer_Selbstmord-(SPF005)-Vinyl-1997-TrT (VBR V0)
SPF06 dr. machette - the damaged skull ep (CBR 128 kbps)
SPF06 dr. machette - the damaged skull ep (CBR 192 kbps)
SPF07 re.pete re-p. 98 (12) (CBR 128 kbps)
SPF08 Noizefucker_-_Opening_the_Gates_E.P.-(SPF8)-Vinyl-2002-SQ (CBR 192 kbps)
SPF09 Bone_Head_-_Speedcore_Terrorized_Kriminalz_E.P.-(SPF9)-Vinyl-2003-SQ (CBR 192 kbps)
SPF10 Terrorist_Kriss_-_Lord_Terror-(SPF10)-Vinyl-2004-SQ (CBR 192 kbps)
SPF11 Komprex_Vs_Frazzbass_-_Spaghetti_Cunts_Ep-(SPF11)-Vinyl-2005-SQ (VBR V1)
SPF12 Bonehead_-_Bone_Shattering_Sounds_On_Da_Battlefield_Ep-(SPF12)-Vinyl-2006-SQ (VBR V1)
SPF13 Disco_Cunt-Funky_And_Disco-(SPF013)-Vinyl-2006-1REAL (VBR V2)
SPF14 VA-Speedcore_Terror_Worldwide-(SPF014)-WEB-2006-SSK (CBR 320 kbps)
SPF15 Paranoizer_-_Untitled-(SPF015)-Vinyl-2008-SQ (VBR V2)
SPF16 Frazzbass_and_Komprex_-_I_Thought_this_Ep_Was_A_Donut____But_DOH-(SPF016)-Vinyl-2008-SQ (VBR V2)
SPF17 VA_-_Speedcore_2009-(SPF17)-4xVinyl-2008-SQ (VBR V2)
SPF17 VA_-_Speedcore_2009-(SPF17)-CD-2008-SQ (VBR V2)
SPF18 hellseeker - untitled (CBR 320 kbps)
SPF19 passenger of shit - surfing down the dunny (CBR 320 kbps)
SPFLTD1 matt green - untitled ()
SPFLTD2 DJ_Freak-Analogue_Terror-(SPFLTD2)-Vinyl-2000-DPS (VBR V2)
SPFLTD3 DJ_Freak_-_Lost_Worlds_EP-(SPFLTD3)-Vinyl-2004-SQ (CBR 192 kbps)
SPFLTD4 Noize_Creator-Poisoned_Songs_Volume_1-(SPFLTD4)-Limited_Edition_Vinyl-2005-hM (VBR V0)


09/12/2014 - 20:49 Anonymous says : Reply

Thanks, need a few releases to fill my gap!

08/19/2015 - 22:49 Anonymous says : Reply

Sorry but the release SPF13 is missing tracks D2 to D5. Is it possible to reupp those please?

08/21/2015 - 02:19 Anonymous says : Reply

Narkotik Rekordz ‎label please