MindNepping Records

25-08-2007 / Hardcore, Speedcore / Label

MindNepping Records - Russian underground netlabel, was founded 12/02/2007 by bioMorph and Okcid, engaged in release of mp3-releases and mixes, both of the Russian musicians, and musicians from other countries. The basic purpose of the project is a development of SPEEDCORE stage in Russia. We are always glad to receive demos-tracks and if quality of tracks is good, we shall include them in following mp3-release.
[MNR01] Okcid - Genocide
[MNR02] Terrorbunny - Last word
[MNR03] Distimia - Love, Hate and Breakcore
[MNR04] Dr. Eppo & Twid da Phreekazoid - Not For Children
[MNR05] VA - Special CD-R Compilation
[MNR06] VA - Game Over
[MNR07] de.pre55 - Rest in Peace???
[MNR08] Okcid - Torture and Pain
[MNR09] Terrorbunny - Mind Terror
[MNR10] de.pre55 - MySoul
[MNR11] Rude Repeen - Morphy Fairytales
[MNR12] SpeedcoremotherfukkerZ - MG42
[MNR13] S.a.D. - depress
[MNR14] BABAI - Die Motherfucka!
[MNR15] VA - Don't Fuck With Me
[MNRCD01] VA - Neoterrorism
[MNRCD02] VA - Fuck Commerz


05/11/2015 - 23:08 Anonymous says : Reply

sorry but in the mindnepping site is missing this release: [MNR05] VA - Special CD-R Compilation.
Can someone please reupp it?

05/12/2015 - 01:06 adm says : Reply

VA - Special CD-R Compilation (2007) - http://gabber.od.ua/music/756