Black Hoe Recordings

25-08-2007 / Breakcore, Drum'n'Bass, Experimental, Breakbeat / Label
Black Hoe is an independent netlabel set up in the 27th of January, 2006 promoting jungle, drum'n'bass and breakcore tracks of unsigned or less known artists worldwide. The non-commercial organisation releases singles, EP's and LP's in MP3 digital format, which can be dowloaded, share or mix absolutely for free. Black Hoe is the brainchild of two Hungarian dj's called Migu & Samulkow.
[BH001] Mystification - Our World / Unexplainable Feeling
[BH002XEP] Dashcraft - Voivodinian Audial Violence
[BH003] Hemoglobin - Terminator / Leukemia
[BH004EP] Core Corp - Embracing Death
[BH005] Company Truck - Teen Wolf
[BH006] Unabomber - Secret Stairs
[BH007XEPA] Noize Punishment - The Riot Outburst EP
[BH007XEPB] Deterrent Measures And Royal Bassdat - Timestrechin
[BH008EP] Gasmask 71 - Human Game EP
[BH009] Cytech - The 6th Sense
[BH010EP] Antichristus - Darkside Forces EP
[BH011] Numek - Feel The Shadow
[BH012EP] Reemo & Eye - The Blastedlands EP
[BH013XEP] Lorcscyric - Pure Hatred EP
[BH014EPS] Various - Fragments Of Mangled Minds - The Sampler
[BH015LP] Various - Fragments Of Mangled Minds - The Album
[BH016] Mystification - The Dead Shift
[BH017] Mastif & Core - Undead
[BH018LP] Ekaros - Exhumating Ikaros LP
[BH019] Numek - Amen Terrorist
[BH020XEP] Various - Four Shapes Of Noize Render Personality Disorder EP
[BH021] Arkon - Doomsday Ceremony
[BH022EP] Antichristus - Final World War EP
[BH023EP] Various - Priests Of The Black Hoe Present Familiar Conceptions With
Different Aspects EP Pt. 1
[BH024XEP] Gemini 7 - Tunguzka! EP
[BH025] Implant - Get Mad
[BH026XEP] Lorcscyric - Doomed Culture EP - Faces Of Lorccore
[BH027] Mastif - The Waist
[BH028EP] TVG Hates TVG - Tools Of Media EP
[BH029XEP] Ironska - Never Surrender EP
[BH030XEP] Gemini 7 - Put-up Job Scenes In The Space Capsule - Supa Dupa Space -
Horror Opera EP