Praying Mantis Productions

02-06-2015 / Hardcore / Label

Praying Mantis Productions label download
PMP001 DJ_Delirium-The_Cricket_Gets_Wicked-(PMP001)-Vinyl-1996-hM_INT (VBR V0)
PMP002 DJ_Delirium_feat_DJ_Hypertech-The_Skunk_EP-(PMP002)-Vinyl-1996-hM_INT (VBR V0)
PMP003 DJ_Delirium-The_Cricket_Gets_Wicked_Again-(PMP003)-Vinyl-1996-hM_INT (VBR V0)
PMP004 DJ_Delirium_and_Da_Grimreaper-The_Next_Level-(PMP004)-Vinyl-1996-hM_INT (VBR V0)
PMPE001 VA-Praying_Mantis_Power_Edition_Vol_1-(PMPE001)-Vinyl-1998-hM_INT (VBR V0)


12/10/2015 - 03:16 Anonymous says : Reply

Hi admin , have you the 2004 mp3 releases of this label? . Thanks in advance!

12/11/2015 - 13:53 Anonymous says : Reply

They are not "2004 mp3 releases" but all the same tracks from previous PMP releases, one of those weird WEBs once available _only_ as 192 kbps and _only_ at Most likely just the same but a bit remastered vinyl rips, very minor quality boost (if any at all).

12/11/2015 - 17:27 Anonymous says : Reply

Ok, i didn't know it with exactness, thanks for your comment!