Net Lab

04-09-2007 / Breakcore, Experimental, Dubstep, Breakbeat / Label

Breakbeat, IDM, Glitch, Abstract, Dub, Experimental, Breakcore
First launched in June 2006, Net-Lab is a collaborative project run by members of InspireBox Media. Net-lab is an independent resource, free of commercial pressure. The site operates primarily from Brighton, UK.
Net-Labs objective is to release a prolific collection of innovative media including music (primarily electronic), still image, video and animation from around the world, in a freely distributable and re-distributable manner.
The site currently features work by an array of artists that you will recognise as already having excellent quality releases on labels including Wrong Music, Adadaat, Sublight, and Planet Mu.
Although the site is still in its infancy, it already serves thousands of individual downloads, for which we have received an extremely positive public reaction.
If you have any media in whatever form that you feel is innovative and wish to contribute to Net-Lab then please do contact us. We are always willing to view any material submitted.
We very much welcome your views and opinions on releases on Net-Lab, so please feel free to drop us an e-mail with your comments.
[NL01] Ebola - Predator [Schwarzenegger Series]
[NL02] Chris Moss Acid - The Sub
[NL03] Shitmat - The Subliminal Pograddy Disection
[NL04] DJ Jo Quaid - Brings You The Hits Mix
[NL05] V/A - Roadrash Remixes
[NL06] Chris Moss Acid - Commando [Schwarzenegger Series]
[NL07] Rob Steady - Ask No Lies
[NL08] Nwodtlem - Cleaning Out The Harddrive
[NL09] Ital Tek - Terminator 2 [Schwarzenegger Series]
[NL10] Shinra - Demons
[NL11] Kyler - Rooms [discontinued]
[NL12] RomanianMyth - Folk Language
[NL13] The Teknoist - The Teknoist knows best smid smummer smash up (Mix)
[NL14] Synthamesk - Milk and Cookies
[NL15] Sourbank - Sigil 1
[NL16] Chevron - Nuke Records Mix (Mix)
[NL17] Voltek - Disillusion, Desire, Consumption
[NL18] Piratio - The Snakes In Her Arms Make War (Mix)
[NL19] T-woc - Reign Blood
[NL20] Synthamesk - Raw Deal [Schwarzenegger Series]
[NL21] Ital Tek - Snippets
[NL22] V/A - Nature and Noise [discontinued]
[NL23] Crown of Storms - Ghost in the Machine
[NL24] Illuminati - Five Themes For Future Reference
[NL25] Herv - Migration
[NL26] Ross Flight - Forgotten
[NL27] TV Youth - Dawn
[NL28] John Cohen - John Cohen
[NL29] Running Woman Idea - Take A Deep Breath