Ophidian as Raziel - To Sing Of Desecration (2007)

12-09-2007 / Hardcore, Industrial

Meta4 I

Abstract, Techno, Hardcore, Industrial
A1 When Adrift In Yesteryear
A2 To Deform The Present
A3 When Repelling Reflection
A4 To Revere Completion
B1 When Trapped In The Paradox
B2 To Forbid The Imperative
B3 When Crying In The Mist
B4 To Destroy What Is Broken (Destroyed By Serum)
C1 When Caught And Confused
C2 To Banish Sanity
C3 When Confronted With The Consequence
C4 To Punish The Weak (Punished By Tapage)
D1 When Cast Into Nullity
D2 To Fabricate The Future
D3 When Awaiting Impending Collapse
D4 To Pray For Amnesia