19-09-2007 / Breakcore, Drum'n'Bass, Experimental, Techno, Breakbeat / Label

Danish net-label Founded in 2003. Specializing in a wide variety of music including Breakcore, IDM, Drum & Bass, Illbient, Hardcore, Ambient, Electro, Glitch, Acid, Broket Beat and Minimal
[ILL001] Nais - In Sain
[ILL002] Sduus - The Complete Chowdown
[ILL003] Lisbeth & Bent - The Amenathon
[ILL004] meconium - Parts Of Body
[ILL005] Jens Robot - Happy ABC
[ILL006] Producer Snafu - Lonely Soul Poor Me
[ILL007] +1 - Anabolske Stereolyde
[ILL008] Jumponjovi - Seq And Destroy
[ILL009] Massju - Alite
[ILL010] Vituel - Engulf
[ILL011] Thye - Revolt
[ILL012] Peter Z - The Lost Tapes
[ILL013] Lisbent - Gangstacore
[ILL014] Mithra - Clairvoyance
[ILL015] Nukage - Burned By People
[ILL016] Overthruster - Grim As Fuck
[ILL017] Rawclaw - N00b
[ILL018] Lisbent - TLRIMBMTA
[ILL019] Mithra - Chronomatic Dream Coding V.1
[ILL020] Les Secretions Romantiques - Salop'
[ILL021] Yinx Knight - The Protector
[ILL023] Overthruster - Pogonophobia
[ILL024] Porngroove - That leash may be a mistake
[ILLEP001] Bulletdodgers - Lofi EP
[ILLEP002] Choplifta - The Sense
[ILLEP003] Strait - Respiratory Distress
[ILLEP004] Roger 5 From Krypton - Space Gouranga
[ILLEP005] Nais - Music That Makes You Smoke Your Cigarettes Faster
[ILLEP006] Oxygenfad - Dimension X Vol. 9
[ILLEP007] Retape Audio - Chinese Laptop Rage
[ILLEP008] Broch - Deep Thought
[ILLEP009] JR & Lisbent - JR VS. Lisbent
[ILLEP010] Spastic Line - Spastic Line
[ILLEP011] Lisbent - A Portrait
[ILLEP012] JR & Mindriot - JR VS. Mindriot
[ILLEP013] Kikmaster - Same Shit Everyday
[ILLEP014] Schaua - A Bit Crushed
[ILLEP015] Wood Ammo - Church Hangtime
[ILLEP016] Leigon - Teratology
[ILLEP017] Choplifta - Ocean EP
[ILLEP018] Knap - Box O'Tracks
[ILLEP019] Randomatik Blast - The Last String
[ILLEP020] Sonictwist - Agressor88
[ILLEP021] Knap - Person Perceptron
[ILLEP022] Apzolut - Brullende Mensen
[ILLEP023] Ultratron - Et Larmende Tiltag EP
[ILLEP024] Oxygenfad - Fakecore Producer, GO HOME!
[ILLEP025] Contagious Penile Malfunction - REtry EP
[ILLEP026] meconium - Muscular Dystrophy Disco EP
[ILLEP027] Overthruster - I Love Lucy K
[ILLEP028] Randomatik Blast & Les Secretions Romantiques - Killer Dill
[ILLEP029] Chronic Malfunction - Breakbeat Asylum
[ILLEP030] Oxygenfad - This is HELL
[ILLEP031] Porngroove - Garlong Toadpole and the Epileptic Circus
[ILLEP032] Tunefreak - Przyczepili dinozaura do plota
[ILLEP033] Choplifta - tidwidkwetdbsc
[ILLEP034] Retape - Stories from Kentucky
[ILLEP035] Distimia - Illusions