The Outside Agency & Mindustries - Forever Is A Long Time Coming (2007)

25-09-2007 / Hardcore / Genosha Recordings

GEN 015, GEN015

Hardcore, Darkcore, Industrial
The four tracks on this vinyl are all masterpieces.
This page does not give any information about who producing what, but you can definately hear it!
The pounding kicks and raging synths make The Immobilizer a track that will do good on the dancefloor.
The Burden Hardest To Bear is a track with great atmospheric sounds and a very creepy melody This is one of my favourites.
Carnage in C-Minor is a track with great synthwork and very powerfull industrial sounds You can really go insane on this one.
Dark Awakening is more calm, but still intense The soundscapes in this track are really good and make you feel calmed and pleased in the darkness.
Really epic tracks, must have for every TOA & Mindustries fan!
Dark Side 1 The Immobilizer
Dark Side 2 The Burden Hardest To Bear
Light Side 1 Carnage In C-Minor
Light Side 2 Dark Awakening
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