29-09-2007 / Breakcore, Experimental, Noise, Techno / Label

Irish netlabel and artist community, formerly known as Electrotoxic. Originally founded in 2001
Chiptune, Breakcore, Jungle, IDM, Ambient, Illbient, Breaks, Abstract, Experimental
[acp001] Ruairi Lazers - Limivady EP
[acp002] Tpolar presents Sidney Crawford - S-Tracks EP
[acp003] Mothboy - Anomalies
[acp004] BEW - Dark Wheeze EP
[acp005] Startslow - Kicked To Death By Bees
[acp006] Various - Acroplane V/A 01
[acp007] Brian Robinson - Passing
[acp008] eN - The Third Chapter EP
[acp011] Herv - Flot And Retent
[acp012] Margaret Noble - The Walk Home On Ashland
[acp013] Bluebottle Farm - Music To Fall Off Yer Bike To
[acp014] Dubreak - Aquatic OB Sessions
[acp015] Various - Disambiguation
[acp016] Blake Market - Northern Wood
[acp017] Barry Lynn - 98 EP
[acp018] Filaria - Bam Bam