Miro - Hardcore Made In Frankfurt (1999)

01-10-2007 / Hardcore

ACA 002/CD

Miroslav Pajic (better known as Miro) has been one of the main German hardcore producers and has done a variety of projects. Together with Marc Trauner (better known as Marc Acardipane) he was the creator of the PCP-sound. On this album some downtempo hardcore and techno material. All tracks are nice productions (although I'm not very keen on the Smash?/Tschabos releases) and thus no fillers on this cd.http://www.discogs.com/release/125817
01 The Overlord - Master Of The Universe
02 E-Man - XTC Express (Lift Off Mix)
03 Tschabos - Sex
04 Steve Shit - Having Sex
05 Miro - Purple Moon (Miro Remix)
06 Hypnotizer - Move: Don't Stop
07 Evidence - Arctic Rider
08 Tschabos - Gib Mir Die Bass
09 Frozen & Dr. Macabre - Dimension Of The Doomed
10 E-Man - Bass Machine
11 Reign - A Better Tomorrow
12 Miro - Shining


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