Non Quality Audio

08-10-2007 / Experimental, Noise / Label

Industrial, Abstract, Noise, Ambient, IDM, Experimental, Broken Beat, Techno, Breakcore, Gabber
Non Quality Audio is the sub-label of Far From Showbiz based in the United States. We are all about complete musical freedom. This is music that meets no standards. Music that can make someone feel uncomfortable or awkward. Music meant to alienate people. Music hard to listen to. Music of all genres (and some non-existent) coming together as a giant collective of disgusting sounds. We accept music from independent and underground artists looking to break from any sort of normality or group.
[NQA001] Bullshit Market - Handicap Extravaganza EP
[NQA002] DJ RedSkeye - Imperialism for Dummies
[NQA003] Uterus Kitten - Destructive Sounds for Timid Ears
[NQA004] DJ RedSkeye - Modulate Your BloodLine
[NQA005] Chasing Stupid - Fight Dance With Stupid
[NQA006] DJ RedSkeye - Ambience in a Machine
[NQA007] The RedSkeye & Zyklon Projekt - Self Titled EP
[NQA008] DJ RedSkeye - Basic
[NQA009] Retrovirus - Homoterrorism
[NQA010] DJ RedSkeye - Speedcore Animocity
[NQA011] Alcholic Cindy - Jamfunk
[NQA012] DJ RedSkeye - Infidels Gone Wild!
[NQA013] BRR - goin the way of dana reeve, the mark's grandma story
[NQA014] DJ RedSkeye - Niggalicious Phatz0r Beatz
[NQA015] yb - Dead Right Now
[NQA016] DJ Qpon - Black Milk EP
[NQA017] Disthroned Agony - Self Titled EP
[NQA018] artist formerly known as dj redskeye - yb, brr, and ehafh holding hands ep
[NQA019] BRR - Yb Ain't a Real Nigga
[NQA021] DJ Qpon - Enter the Carbonated Forest
[NQA022] Castle Awesome - keeping it real on a 500 million dollar dating website
[NQA023] Alcholic Cindy - Alkhol Hufnimya
[NQA024] Evil Robot Ted - Glow in the Dark EP
[NQA025] RedSK vs. Apophallation - Manly split
[NQA026] RedSK - The Dolphin EP (Voices of the Dolphins)
[NQA027] Chop Chop - Fecal Slaughter EP
[NQA028] BRR, W32_Sasser.exe, RedSK, Midget Crack Whore Mutilation-Desktopcore split
[NQA029] retro - summer party in the middle of fucking nowhere
[NQA030] BRR vs. RedSK - Taco Nazi split
[NQA031] Doki Doki & RedSK - Sonic split
[NQA032] What It's Like To Be Hostile - Lost in the Feeling
[NQA033] yb - Blow Your Woofer EP
[NQA035] yb vs. DJ RedSkeye/RedSK - The World is Dying split
[NQA036] RedSK as MC Niggerpantz vs. B.Brain - Ghetto Noise Gangstaz
[NQA037] nxfxtxex vs. RedSK - Shemale split
[NQA038] Doki Doki - Nekromantik
[NQA040] VA - The GOOD SLSK noise room comp
[NQA041] Servant of Darkness - Whispers from the Bowels of Hell
[NQA042] BRR - Merzbow Has a Life Coach EP
[NQA043] RedSK - SceneXcore
[NQA044] BRR - For All the Loving Fans and Pink Roses
[NQA045] RedSK & Vomit Toad - Emo Scene Faggots split
[NQA046] BRR vs. Vomit Toad - split
[NQA047] RedSK & Doki Doki - Mommycore split
[NQA048] BRR - Cotton Ball
[NQA049] Vlue - Hacking The Mind EP
[NQA050] The Most Non Quality Airbag
[NQA051] Breakdancing Ronald Reagan - August
[NQA052] Chasing Stupid - Black Metal I Love You
[NQA053] BRR - September
[NQA054] Chop Chop - Sample Clearance EP
[NQA055] Albanasam - Noise Princess
[NQA057] artist formerly known as dj redskeye - Wearing Holes In The Carpet
[NQA058] NECROANAL - Fistfucking UR Mom (I Like Pie)
[NQA059] Jimmy Clarkson - The First Of Stoner Logs
[NQA060] The GOODer SLSK Noise Room Comp
[NQA061] yb - Sessions
[NQA062] Mystified - Echoes And Traces
[NQA063] Doki Doki & Ruby - Rubens Split
[NQA064] Doki Doki vs. RedSK - Glass Horses Split
[NQA065] Gayhouse - Former Core Employee
[NQA066] Disthroned Agony - Violater
[NQA067] Perpetual Amnesia vs. RedSK - Part 1 Of The Super Split
[NQA068] Perpetual Amnesia vs. RedSK - Part 2 Of The Super Split
[NQA069] BlueDK vs. BRR - Split
[NQA070] Doki Doki - Guitar Noise (Broken Guitar)
[NQA071] Violence Cotton Drone - Eduard Vilde
[NQA072] Doki Doki & Starman896 - Split
[NQA073] Random Insults - Mental
[NQA074] PocketRobba - Run a'Da Mill
[NQA075] Doki Doki - Pleasure Of Pain Box Set
[NQA076] FERALCATSCAN vs. DialLektrik - Eleven
[NQA077] RedSK vs. Beyonce's Nigger Hating Travelling Circus - Totally Gay Split
[NQA078] SphereX - Chainsaw The Senses
[NQA079] Astma - Demo '06
[NQA080] VA - The MOST GOODEST SLSK Noise Room Comp
[NQA081] MC Hammered - Incessant Drone
[NQA082] Johnny Zhivago & RedSK - Beating Homeless People Split
[NQA083] flower of flesh and blood vs. RedSK - Aquitted On All Ten Counts split
[NQA084] RedSK vs. Doki Doki - Uufsuufs999s88fhhhh Split
[NQA085] Doki Doki - Harsh Electronics
[NQA086] RedSK vs. Damno Te - Remix Annihilation Split
[NQA087] Kave - The Black Tree
[NQA088] RedSK - Diseased Skin
[NQA089] retro - Early Cuts
[NQA090] RedSK vs. NECROANAL - Shit Split
[NQA091] Damno Te - Titans In Greece+++
[NQA092] RedSK, The Angry Red DJ, B.Brain - RedSK, The Angry Red DJ, B.Brain Super
Sexy 3way Split
[NQA093] Christian Juntunen - 3 Improvs Done On A Saturday
[NQA094] SphereX - Quantomikal Phyzial Realitii
[NQA094rr] SphereX - Quantomikal Phyzial Realitii (Rerelease/Remastered)
[NQA095] RedSK vs. Aim023 - Discogs Split
[NQA096] Aim023 - Unreleased Discogs Angst
[NQA097] B.Brain - And So We Can Explain Your Obsessions.
[NQA098] SphereX - LuncH
[NQA099] Indian Burial Ground - Shit
[nqa-ogg000] RedSK vs. teh soup rebellion - Live Fucking Album In RedSK's Bedroom
[nqa-ogg001] Pirate Angercore Fist Clinic - A'capella Music For Aryan Niggers Who
Have Had Bad Relationships
[nqa-ogg002] RedSK - Tunnel
[nqa-ogg003] Disthroned Agony - Kelly Doolin