17-10-2007 / Speedcore / Label

SMACK Rec stands for Sociopatic Musicians Altering Caged Kaos.
It's a small underground online music label specialized in the more harder and experimentel electronic sounds of today's music. From breaks till speedcore, and everthing what's in between, except mainstream. With a couple of producers we are planning a free downloadable release hopefully every month. On these releases you can expect a mixture of drum'n bass/breaks(core)/noize/terror/speedcore tracks.
[SMACK001] Various - Biomechanoid
[SMACK002] Various - Untitled
[SMACK003] The Occultist - Amiga Breaks
[SMACK004] Various - International Smackdown
[SMACK005] Nano.Strike vs. The Untitled - Untitled


03/28/2015 - 18:12 Anonymous says : Reply

does anyone have the full label ? and can upload it please :)

03/30/2015 - 17:18 Anonymous says : Reply

Re-Upload Please!