Chase Records FULL Label

Chase Records

23-10-2007 / Breakcore, Industrial, Experimental, Noise, Breakbeat / Label

Hard Electronic Net Label
Noise, Experimental, Illbient, Hardcore, Industrial, Breakcore
[chase001] Still Searching For Humans - Safety First
[chase002] Doom Lord 666 - Evil Stuff
[chase003] Zerogoki - Angel Attack
[chase004] Etripazon - Bloc De DestrucSon
[chase005] Producer Snafu - IDM For Cholos
[chase006] TZii - South Disease EP
[chase007] Catcore - The View Of Pornografic Sexuality
[chase008] DJ Throttler - Abhorent To The Ignoramus
[chase009] Meatsock - Iron Prospecting
[chase010] Noistruct - Scare Tactics
[chase011] ScreamerClauz - Little Red Bumps
[chase012] Seahorse Drivers - We Deliver Soul
[chase013] Etree - Trash Pig Porn Acids
[chase014] +2H-2N - Attention Les Fachos Ont Des Flashballs
[chase015] A.L.F. / E25 Corporate - The Epitome Of Elegance And Class
[chase016] Tin.RP - Minim
[chase017] Massju - 79.1.14 EP
[chase018] LFO Demon - Evil Horde EP
[chase019] D'incise - Sauf Morphee
[chase021] Giscard Le Survivant - Les 7 Dernieres Paroles Du Christ En Caisse
[chase022] Maladroit - Saucisson De Lyon
[chase023] Buben - The Number Of Years
[chasehs01] HIS & BudBurnerz - Against The Washing Machines
[chasehs02] Christ Of Noise - Tribute To Christ Of Noise : Rest In Peace
[chasehs03] Various - CoreBoard Track Projekt 4