Amduscias Records FULL Label

Amduscias Records

16-11-2007 / Breakcore, Experimental, Noise, Techno, Breakbeat / Label

IDM, Experimental, Ambient, Glitch, Noise, Chiptune, Breakcore, Experimental, 8-Bit
We are a net label that releases Experimental/Dark Ambient/Industrial/Noise/Power Electronics and any other odd styles of music.
Amduscias Records is meant to be an outlet for musicians to present their music their way. Without labels getting involved and changing their artistic integrity.
Feel free to contact us with any contributions you may have. We are very open minded to whatever your talent may be.
We believe the artist should be able to create their own vision without interference from anyone.
[AMR001] Turmoil - The Manipulation of Sound
[AMR002] Turmoil - The Living End
[AMR003] Turmoil - S.I.D.S.
[AMR004] Turmoil - Purgatory
[AMR005] Turmoil - Judgment Day
[AMR006] Turmoil - Infection
[AMR007] Turmoil - Phencyclidene Psychosis
[AMR008] Dizzonanz Domestic - Galaxiattak
[AMR009] Dizzonanz Domestic - Void
[AMR010] Dizzonanz Domestic - Igni Ferroque
[AMR011] Entropy - The Other Side of Hell
[AMR012] inSOMAnic Vs. Turmoil - Remixes
[AMR013] inSOMAnic Vs. Turmoil - Dead Souls
[AMR014] Rose Red - Opium Den
[AMR015] Turmoil - Astral Nightmare
[AMR016] DANADAX - Daxscapes
[AMR017] Weimer - Basement Rock
[AMR018] Phase Shifts -The Alien Deviance
[AMR019] Phase Shifts - Something For Everyone
[AMR020] Hollower - Zero Mirror
[AMR021] Adishgash - ...And He Begat Spirits and Demons
[AMR022] Brian Routh - Beelzebubs Breath
[AMR023] Jon7 - Traitor's Gate
[AMR024] Cronus - Intervals
[AMR025] Hello - Makes Noises With Brain Part 1
[AMR026] Gidemon - Scam
[AMR027] Dizzonanz Domestic - Gentle Stars in Halls of Stone
[AMR028] Adishgash - 444
[AMR029] Gidemon - Metrono
[AMR030] Phase Shifts - A Night At Kabuki Theatre On Acid
[AMR031] Hello - Black Signals + Blind Sight
[AMR032] Adishgash - Sever
[AMR033] Rose Red - Childhood Traumas
[AMR034] Lavey - They
[AMR035] Turmoil - The Singles
[AMR036] Phase Shifts - Compassion
[AMR037] Turmoil - Matanzas
[AMR038] Hello - Compilation I
[AMR039] Buben - Aisle
[AMR040] Buben - Burden
[AMR041] Buben - Boziferm
[AMR042] Sascha Muller - Xtro
[AMR043] Seven Days of Night - In Darkness We Unite
[AMR044] Phase Shifts - Cerebral Vortex
[AMR045] Upheaval - Lucid_Dreaming
[AMR046] Adishgash - Suffertest
[AMR047] dreDDup - Abnormal Waltz
[AMR048] Weimar - Ambiences EP Vol. 1 Ambiences From Under The Skirt
[AMR049] Phase Shifts - House Specials
[AMR050] Xerxes - Dim
[AMR051] Xerxes - Noctambulation Amongst Nebula
[AMR052] Gidemon - Consume
[AMR053] Schuriken - The Irish Brigades Project
[AMR054] Xerxes - Tomhet-Tribute To Burzum
[AMR055] Sadolust - Violent Fetish
[AMR056] Sadolust - Helljam 2000 The Rail Of The Whore
[AMR057] Phase Shifts - Sentiments
[AMR058] Dizzonanz Domestic - Textures Are Sight
[AMR059] Imploding Eye - The Complete History Of Humankind
[AMR060] Imploding Eye - Alone in Universe (after dredged the swamp)
[AMR061] Dizruptre - The Lifted
[AMR062] Ego Death - A Need to Calm Down
[AMR063] Elvatorium - At Border Of Disorder
[AMR064] Symbol of Subversion - Instrumental Insurgency
[AMR065] Dizruptre - Blackout
[AMR066] Reality Collapsed - Static Thoughts
[AMR067] Reality Collapsed - Soundtrack to Insanity
[AMR068] Nyctalllz - ESION-1
[AMR069] Phase Shifts - Chernobyl
[AMR070] Weimar - Ambiences EP Vol. 2 Ambiences From Under the Bra
[AMR071] Hello (aka Mike Carrier) - Orchestral Ensembles
[AMR072] Reality Collapsed - Decent Into Chaos
[AMR073] Reality Collapsed - Feeling Secure in an Exploding Building
[AMR074] Insomnia Mind Collapse - Flight of the Green Drone (Demo EP)
[AMR075] P.K.A. - Johnson City Spook Core Ch 666
[AMR076] P.K.A. - Pirate This! EP
[AMR077] P.K.A. - Live From....Nowhere!
[AMR078] NaHaN - The Inner Demise Single
[AMR079] Turmoil - Last Rites of Amduscias
[AMR080] Turmoil - The World is a Toilet
[AMR081] P.K.A. - Dance Music for the Dead
[AMR082] P.K.A. - The Noises Inside My Head CUHUALFD
[AMR083] P.K.A. - The Mangled and Twisted Inside Out Attack!
[AMR084] Insomnia Mind Collapse - Gravity Is Crushing Me
[AMR085] P.K.A. - Fucked Up At 3 AM
[AMR086] P.K.A. - Untitled EP
[AMR087] Reality Collapsed - Blood Drops On Clear Thoughts
[AMR088] Reality Collapsed - Green Mist Mind Trip
[AMR089] P.K.A. - Songs About Nothing
[AMR090] P.K.A. - 5 Seconds Of Terror Single
[AMR091] P.K.A. - A Taste Of Blood Demos 1998 - 2003
[AMR092] Reality Collapsed - Mind Games Played By Fools
[AMR093] Turmoil - The Blue Grotto
[AMR094] Turmoil - Unsoundness Of Mind
[AMR095] P.K.A. - Forgotten Terrors!
[AMR096] P.K.A. - 2007 Sampler