Wicked Area Records FULL Label

Wicked Area Records

29-11-2007 / Speedcore, Breakcore, Drum'n'Bass, Experimental / Label

Wicked Area Records is breakcore, drum'n'bass, speedcore and other broken, evil and fast music net label.
MIXWAR001 Distimia - Endless Torture
MIXWAR002 Distimia - Wicked Parts
WAR000 Distimia - Digital Freaks
WAR001 Sudden Conflict - Infinite Suffering
WAR002 Distimia - Don't Trust
WAR003 POLICAy - Ruptured
WAR004 Evil Of Pain - Travma
WAR005 Psycho Silence - Zombie
WAR006 Saan - Way Of Sickness
WAR007 Noize - Fuck The System EP
WAR008 Distimia - Revenge And Remorse
WAR009 Various - War I - Destructors Of The Mind
WAR010 Distonn - Junglist Anarchy
WAR011 Distimia - Breakcore Hates Girls
WAR012 Fight Starter - Under Attack
WAR013 Distimia - Patience Limit
WAR014 The Puzzlehead - Life Is Virtual Everywhere
WAR015 Coreboy - Sadly, Hope And I
WAR016 N.F. - Age Of Expirience
WAR017 Saan - God Is Dead
WAR018 Gabbenni Amenassi - The Cop Is Right
WAR019 Distonn & Midi Fister - Out Of Spirit
WAR020 Duthen Noize - The Undertow EP
WAR021 Various - WAR II - Sucker
WAR022 Distimia - Wake Up


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