VA - Hardbeatz Collectors Box Vol 1 (2005)

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VA-Hardbeatz Collectors Box Vol 1

.RIP.DATE: 10/18/2005
. ..LABEL: Da Music
. ..CAT.NO: CD 875162-2
..GENRE: Techno


01 VA - Hardbeatz Collectors Box CD1 72:40
02 VA - Hardbeatz Collectors Box CD2 69:51
03 VA - Hardbeatz Collectors Box CD3 78:41
04 VA - Hardbeatz Collectors Box CD4 68:11


CD1 by DJ Fractalizer

A-D-Line - Source
Mr. Zavitzz - Recordable Bazz
Doodle - Like a Noodle
Xotic - Unchange , Control ya Mind
DJ Cyanide - Get Up , Get Up
Scott Brown - King of the Beatz
DJ Zemtec - Dont make me Destroy
Keinv - Should i Believe You
Damage Inc - Turn Arround (The Viper Remix)
Error 66 - Radical Environment
Dark Destination - 2 B Freaked
Fractalizer - Letz Go Party
Evil Deseaze - Keep Tha Shit Real
Necropolis - Target Set Locked Fire

CD2 by DJ cyanide

Lord Hostile - Shadow Builder
Drugoholic - Dope Tricks
Xotic - Get Outa My Way
Line Freax - Pandamonium
C-Kaos - You Cant Say No
Necropolis - IM The Night
Dark Destination - Mix Master
Elite Forces - The Prince of Darkness
Veniek - Unautherized
Error 66 - Agony
Fractalizer - Fractalized
The Amphesizer - Recycled Madnezz
Evil Deseaze - Stop Stop Hit It

CD3 by Hazard

Technoboy - Harddrive
ultraphaze - A New World
Donkeyrollers - Stike Again
DJ Zany - Be on Your Way
Rimini Peter & Amaranth - Virus
Tuneboy - Housenation
Transfuse - Killa Bazz
Sioux - Pho
Soundgrabber - Acid Fighter
GBO Project - Devils Dance
Ultra Shock - sound of E
Bobby V - Freelove
Espuma - Reality in My Brain
Hardstyle Rockerz - Big B

CD4 by DJ zemtec

Rayden - i Know Ur Waiting
Claudio Diva meets Smorphya - Brightness of Darkness
Blutonium Boy - Brainshooter
Trance Generators - Never in Danger
Da Rouge - Die Ankunft
DJ Shredda - Chainsaw
Deep Project - The Fly
Giada - Return to Forever
DJ Zemtec - Bring Me Your silence
DNSP Project - Kick It
K-Traxx - Noise Tool
Hardheadz - Wreck This Place
Toolboy - Fear Off
Taq 9 - Beatz in Time

Enjoy The Banging Beatz ! ;D


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We focus on bringing the newest tracks
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This release is not meant for the public.
This is promotional material, meant ONLY
for the closed society in which it was

Greetings go out to all the people keeping
alive and closed as its ment.
Fuck you fakers and those who spread to p2p.

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