Super Barrio Bros - Super Barrio Bros(2007)

Super Barrio Bros - Super Barrio Bros(2007)

13-12-2007 / Techno, Experimental

Glitch, Chiptune, 8-Bit
Project Blowed's Dumbfoundead and producer 8-Bit Bandit collaborate for an album of video-game-enhanced madness!
You've heard people flip an NES beat before, but I guarantee it's never been done quite like this as they take it to the next level, the whole instrumental part is done with NES sounds, along with good scracthes. Definitly an interesting project.

1. Intro
2. Mash and Smash
3. Bosses (feat. Alpha MC and Open-Mike Eagle)
4. Bad Villain
5. Three Pipes Down (feat. Psychosiz)
6. Song of Time Instrumental
7. Strategy Guide (feat. Sahtyre, Psydewaze and Nocando)
8. System (feat. DJ Dstrukt)
9. Snoochie Instrumental
10. Game Over
11. Outro Instrumental
12. Next Level (feat. Lyraflip, N/A and EMS)
13. Shit Talkers (feat. Thirsty Fish)
14. Glitch Ghost (feat. Abstract Rude)


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Link is broken I need this in my life please.

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reuploaded, try now