Bomb 20 - Reality Surpasses Fiction (2003)

16-07-2021 / Breakcore


Artist......: Bomb 20
Album.......: Reality Surpasses Fiction
Label.......: Make Some Noise
Genre.......: Electronic

Source......: CDDA
Encoder.....: FLAC 1.2.1
Grabber.....: EAC 3.99pb4
Quality.....: -V -8/LOSSLESS

Ripper......: stimpi
Retail.Date.: 09-29-2003
Rip.Date....: 09-12-2009

Tracks......: 34
Time........: 58:42 min
Size........: 408 MB

No. Time Title

01. 00:59 Hi
02. 02:21 No Applause Just Clapping
03. 00:58 Money
04. 02:38 Rich
05. 01:10 Expectation
06. 03:48 Forever
07. 00:54 Rockstar
08. 02:56 Dance Now
09. 00:34 Jungle
10. 02:02 Snakes
11. 00:35 Death
12. 04:01 Funeral
13. 00:19 I Dont Know
14. 00:45 Why
15. 04:03 Morning Glory
16. 00:36 Cut
17. 02:33 Tough
18. 03:29 Resurrection
19. 01:13 Above The Law
20. 01:52 Contact
21. 01:54 Bricks
22. 02:28 Snap
23. 00:40 Villification
24. 02:09 Quickly
25. 00:25 Sellout
26. 01:53 Freezeframe
27. 01:18 God
28. 03:29 Love
29. 00:41 Life
30. 02:39 Viva Bomb
31. 00:09 Mistake
32. 00:29 Dots
33. 02:13 Game Over
34. 00:29 Enduro

Underground producer Bomb 20, aka
Berlin-based David Skiba, releases his
long-awaited follow-up to the excellent
Field Manual, the classic lesson in
cut-up deviance hailed by NME as the
best pop album of 1999 originally
released on Alec Empires notorious
Digital Hardcore label. Bombs obsessive
and alternately poignant/hilarious vocal
sample cut-ups are combined with a new
production quality, honed through
collaborations with Gonzales and Peaches
and remix work for Max Turner, Hanayo
and Angie Reed, amongst others.
Previously accessible only to the more
extreme electro dancefloors, the current
live set and new material has taken on a
more polished electro sound while
retaining the hip-hop subsonics and
rough-edged breaks familiar to Bomb 20
fans. Tracks such as Rich meld a
greater melodic emphasis to a thundering
tech- funk break and civil rights-themed
vocal splices. Forever allies 9/11
news soundbites with Assault On
Precinct 13 style synth riffs; and The
Funeral, with its dubbed-out
frequencies and top horn lines. Nasty,
but deliciously so.

This release is enviromentally friendly!!

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orting the artists and buying their
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