SPaCeyAlieN vs. MaSScor3 vs. D-E-M & The-Terror-Enlarger - THE_VaAGuHCoR3_EP (2008)

SPaCeyAlieN vs. MaSScor3 vs. D-E-M & The-Terror-Enlarger - THE_VaAGuHCoR3_EP (2008)

31-01-2008 / Hardcore


Speedcore, Hardcore, Breakcore, Experimental
01 MaSScor3 - INTRO-Represents-VaaguhCore
02 MaSScor3 vs SPaCeyAlieN - Behind-a-evil-eye
03 SPaCeyAlieN - Die-bitch-Vaage-style
04 The-Terror-Enlarger - Radical-Distortion
05 MaSScor3 - VaaGuHCoR3-4LiFE
06 The-Terror-Enlarger - Fuck-you-all
07 D-E-M - Spiritus-sanctus
08 MaSScor3 & SPaCeyAlieN - OUTRO-Dit-Was-VaAGuhCoR3


02/15/2012 - 12:28 nastah says : Reply

me likes this no :( also vaughacore doesnt exists

03/07/2012 - 12:53 Anonymous says : Reply

I agree with you, I am a very talented and admired dj and producer in the scene, a lot of people respect me and are interested in my music, I know it sucks a lot when a little childrean thinks he has "invented" a new style, however "VaaGuHCoR3",this lame s*** doesnt exist, it is invented by this wannabe and pretender, thinking that he has done something proper, but this is only sh it ,its not about the speed , but about the technique you cant put toguether some samples in 1000 bpm and think you have done something new, this is very lame and rocky, and it already exist, so you havent created anything new,in few words VaaGuHCoR3 doesnt exist, please try to make something decent instead of this crap

03/07/2012 - 19:11 geilTerrorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr says : Reply

Spaceyalien is a little kid,f*** you and f*** your annoying s***, stop inventing genres which does not exist, grow up you f***ing a******e and make some good speedcore instead of your crap, good speedcore like komprex,bonehead,terrormastah etc, f*** you a******e