Kaos ex Machina FULL Label

Kaos ex Machina

11-03-2008 / Breakcore, Industrial, Experimental, Noise / Label

Kaos ex Machina is a Polish netlabel connected with Kaos ex Machina webzine and dedicated to industrial, dark ambient, neofolk, noise, power electronics, electronic and experimental music.
[KEMn001] Damballah 'Damballah'
[KEMn002] Sujoy 'Brand New Day?'
[KEMn003] Hoarfrost 'Dungeon'
[KEMn004] Schlafwagen 'A nagy üresség EP'
[KEMn005] V/A 'Where are you Europe?'
[KEMn006] soundZcapa 'The Blood Wood EP'
[KEMn007] Antihuman 'The Fly'
[KEMn008] Technology Of Silence 'Technology Of Silence'
[KEMn009] Roberto Maldoror Manfredini 'Dominando Le Fiere'
[KEMn010] Agla 'VIII'
[KEMn011] Roberto Maldoror Manfredini 'Nieświęty Minimalizm'
[KEMn012] Roberto Maldoror Manfredini 'Mondo Bodega'
[KEMn014] Front Sonore 'Old World'
[KEMn015] CausaliDox 'Autumnland'
[KEMn016] Front Sonore 'Ideologic Warfare'
[KEMn017] Deft Aphid & soundZcapa 'The House Built By A Storm'
[KEMn018] Front Sonore 'La Marche'
[KEMn019] I.V.Lab 'Process In Time'
[KEMn020] Mr.XIII, Mr.S, Cpt.Mission 'Surreal Blasphemy in 3 Parts'
[KEMn021] V/A 'See you in sanitarium'
[KEMn022] Heiliges Licht presents 'Friendship is everything'
[KEMn023] Matrushka 'Seegeschenke'
[KEMn024] Globoscuro 'You'll Be a Lamp of the Morning'
[KEMn025] Schlafwagen 'Schaumar Independent'
[KEMn026] Sacrum 'Omega'
[KEMn027] Technology Of Silence 'Out From The Silence'
[KEMn030] Front Sonore 'Werewolf Resistance'
[KEMn031] Roto Visage 'The Reconstitution of Roto Visage'
[KEMn032] TSIDMZ 'Something about the atomic age'
[KEMn034] project:a 'I'
[KEMn035] project:a 'II'
[KEMn036] Fear Konstruktor 'The Absence of Color'
[KEMn037] soundZcapa 'The First Snow'
[KEMn038] Buben 'Spring And All'
[KEMn039] The Lietech 'Experimental Analogic Movements'
[KEMn040] Elysium 'Conquer Your Fear'
[KEMn041] Hoarfrost / Mrok 'The Girl Who Loved Tattoos'
[KEMn042] Roto Visage & Jugular Notch 'Everything Is Brown'
[KEMn043] SHIBARI / SKLO split
[KEMn044] Svart1 'Gutta Cavat Lapidem'
[KEMn045] RedZone 'Strange Noise'
[KEMn046] Buben 'Inch'
[KEMn047] THIRD I 'MANUAL how to protect yourself from THIRD I noise'
[KEMn048] Buben 'F.I.O.'
[KEMn049] Fear Konstruktor & Elysium 'Acquiris Quodcumque Rapis'
[KEMn050] THIRD I & Oyed 'Live at Third I Theatre'
[KEMn051] Peresvet 'Victim'
[KEMn052] Self-Destruction Project / Steam Engine Of The Meat Machine 'The Meat
Machine Of Self Destruction'
[KEMn053] Metamorfrozen 'Antarctica'
[KEMn054] Darkness And Silence 'The Wanderer and His Shadow'
[KEMn055] Heiliges Licht presents: MILITARY : FETISH : MUZAK
[KEMn056] Nebel / Front Sonore 'New European Order'
[KEMn057] Aegri Somnia 'Script'
[KEMn058] Royce Icon 'Strange Oceans'
[KEMn059] Nigul 'Pedra, Sang'
[KEMn060] Dirty K 'Carnage'
[KEMn061] Ego Death 'Ambient 1'
[KEMn062] Transmission_ZS-502
[KEMn063] soundZcapa 'Creazione'
[KEMn064] RBMK-1000 '1986'
[KEMn065] Penitent vs eKlipSe 'The Haunted Arctic'
[KEMn066] Elektro Jugend Kollektiv 'Automatic Amphetamine Absorption'
[KEMn067] Kill The Liver 'What Dreams May Come'
[KEMn068] Bisclaveret 'Ritual of All-embracing Madness'
[KEMn069] Dreamerion 'The Pain Without Name'
[KEMn070] INFKTD 'dfiosltioer tae ddreeuaxms'
[KEMn071] Third I 'This Is Our Post Postapocalypse'