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Dadaist Audio

20-03-2008 / Breakcore, Industrial, Experimental, Techno, Breakbeat / Label

This is Dadaist Audio; a netlabel based in the Netherlands believing in the free expression through means of audio. Everything that will be send to the label will be released and it is often done so in high quality, providing both 192 kbps MP3 and superb FLAC. The label collaborates with Placenta Recordings in doing netreleases of some of their limited CD-R runs.
We are DADAIST AUDIO: a netlabel believing in the free expression of one through audio. We dont believe in good or bad music, since it is highly subjective to one. Therefore we also dont care for genre restrictions, we will release everything that is send to us, but we do it in high quality, providing both 192kbps MP3 and superb FLAC.
Ambienr, Noise, Breakcore, Hardcore, Industrial, Speedcore, IDM, Experimental (and many others not only electronic genres, read info about every release carefully before downloading).
[DADA001] Doornen - Delirium Tremens
[DADA002] Le Brique - Variatie Op Atonale Muziek Voor Een Regenachtige Dag In D Mineur
[DADA003] Apophallation - [Untitled]
[DADA004] Die Society Die - Snacks And Snacks
[DADA005] Doornen vs. Terg - Altering Instincts: Cause Of Death
[DADA006] Leveleight - Eclectro
[DADA007] Heptotrocitron - I Left My Semtex At The Bus Station
[DADA008] Noisegekanker A Gogo / Prophex - Infected Rectum Beach Party / Mutilated Zionist
[DADA009] HLLO/SMN - Shadows Of The Dance Bag Situation
[DADA010] Emotional Manwhore - I Am Lost
[DADA011] I Vomit Teddy Bears - I Must Wear My Tightest Girl Pants To The As I Lay Dying Show
[DADA012] Glamour For The Ugly / Insomniscene - Glamour For The Ugly / Insomniscene
[DADA013] Alkyhol - Brings You To Death
[DADA014] P. Turner - -^^-
[DADA015] Breakdancing Ronald Reagan - Ferveur Noire Is A Pussy
[DADA016] Awt - Calm Down Awt
[DADA017] Stirner - Silverfish
[DADA018] I Vomit Teddy Bears / Syphillis Infected Child - I Vomit Teddy Bears / Syphillis Infected Child
[DADA019] Heptotrocitron / Prophex - Heptotrocitron / Prophex
[DADA020] Emotional Manwhore - What Good Is Life If The Only Thing You Feel Is Pain?
[DADA021] RedSK - Found Some Shit Under A Rug
[DADA022] nxfxtxex - [Untitled]
[DADA023] Disthroned Agony - Back To Mono
[DADA024] Abismo - Idolos Del Terror, El Narcotrafico Y La Guerrilla Hispana En Un Mundo De Maricones
[DADA025] Pro Pagan Dada - Fresh Kills
[DADA026] Noisegekanker A Gogo - I Would Like To Dance
[DADA027] Heptotrocitron - An Evolution Of A Track
[DADA028] Level / Sirens - Level / Sirens
[DADA029] Jordana Spiro - Two Rivers
[DADA030] Hector Pizarro - Solo Tres Minutos
[DADA031] HLLO/SMN - Aging Servicemen, Lagoonal Youll Be Kept
[DADA032] Caustic Castle - A Monumental Moment With Eric Eaton - Live At The Neon Rat June 25, 2007 (MULTIMEDIA RELEASE)
[DADA033] Furball - Eisenfaust
[DADA034] Mike Love 666 - How William Shatner Cured Cancer
[DADA035] Xentrick - 4piecesafANTIMATTER
[DADA036] Murmurists - Inri Matisse (144)
[DADA037] Sieghai - A Nightmare Before Business (We Forget The Best)
[DADA038] Sieghai - Menstruate Arithmetics
[DADA039] Sieghai - La Mer, La Mere - The Born In Underwaterland Single Album
[DADA040] Sieghai - The Working Class
[DADA041] Sieghai - Babel 666999 Zion
[DADA042] Sieghai - Parasit
[DADA043] Zahnrad - Menschheit?.. Tod!
[DADA044] Goreky - Fluid Research
[DADA045] RedSK - Everyone Is Upset =[
[DADA046] Chasing Stupid - Its The New Album That Wont Be New After A While
[DADA047] RedSK vs. Havoc On Fire - Astronoids Siberian Tree Bodies Split
[DADA048] Pu: ppkakkbaggrlull - Alienated Majesty
[DADA049] I Vomit Teddy Bears - Teddy Bear Kingdom
[DADA050] Laughing In The Face Of Mainstream -- A Dadaist Audio Compilation<<
[DADA051] Morbid Funeral - Contemplation... Introspection
[DADA052] Messiah Complex - White Widow
[DADA053] bricksKILL - Gyaru Fist
[DADA054] Entheogen - Amok
[DADA055] Gaston Zirko - [Untitled]
[DADA056] Dead Number 339 - Dead EP
[DADA057] La Vie Gaspillee / Morbid Funeral - Inconcievable Natural Events
[DADA058] Dilligence Agency / Sinister Soul Saints - Resin Has Risen
[DADA059] CLAN - RadDUOppio
[DADA060] V.S.V. - Distortion Wasted / Intoxication Area / Enter
[DADA061] Globoscuro & Roberto Maldoror Manfredini - Ginnungagap
[DADA062] Causa Mortis - Introducao Ao Espetaculo Da Decadencia
[DADA063] My Semipermeable Membrane - Because Its A Metalloid
[DADA064] Murmurists - .WAV
[DADA065] Salome Lego Playset - SLP
[DADA066] Gesolent Day - Musiks From The '325 Devonshire 9, Chloroform Sessions'
[DADA067] David Flores y Giancarlo Morieri - [Untitled]
[DADA068] Insomniscene - A Kollekshun Ov Chuuns
[DADA069] dreDDup - Abnormal Waltz
[DADA070] dreDDup - Mr. Borndeads Feast
[DADA071] TICKET / Noise A Gore Gore / The Harry Potter Broomstick Experience - 3 Way-Split
[DADA072] Vaginal Beer - Son Of A Bitch Demo
[DADA073] The Harry Potter Broomstick Experience - Drones For Uttermost Udders And Grim Necro-Sticks
[DADA074] La Vie Gaspillee / Toes, Burnt, Discarded - Mech Towers
[DADA075] chalkwhitehands - Hymnal
[DADA076] TSIDMZ vs. [distopia] - Research On Human Dementia
[DADA078] HLLO/SMN - Xul - Part 1
[DADA079] Daat, The Veil - The Scream Of Jacob
[DADA080] Sieghai - E.P.O. Electro.Pop.Opfer
[DADA081] Doornen - Its Gonna Rain Sound
[DADA082] N-FX - Tetramethyldiaminobenzhydrylphosphinous
[DADA083] Axyosnorsist - M.H.T.T.H.T. N.A.T.A.I.M.F.O.P.M. (I.P.S.O.C.M.B.I.) B.T.H.A.X.Y. (M.C.E.)
[DADA084] Sieghai - Kamikatze
[DADA085] RedSK - FL Studio Demo Version 4 Lyfe
[DADA086] Murmurists - Pax Ithyphallic
[DADA087] The Harry Potter Broomstick Experience - Amp Box 2
[DADA088] DJ RedSkeye - First Installment Of Unreleased Y
[DADA089] Chibibo - [static_darkness]
[DADA090] RedSK - Aliens vs. Zombies, Dinosaurs, & Clowns
[DADA091] RedSK - Prison Cake Plastics
[DADA092] Dilithium Tourdes - The Dirty Dick Outlaw
[DADA093] THE IRISH BRIGADES - project SCHURIKEN - The Streets Of Morgul
[DADA094] xROTTEN NOISEx - Anal Graceland
[DADA095] RedSK - Purple And Brown Death
[DADA096] RedSK - Amazing Mangles
[DADA097] Oddio - [Untitled]
[DADA098] Coffee Morning - Draft
[DADA099] Alexander The Panda - Draging The Lake For Bodies (COMING SOON)
[DADA100] TBA (not available?)
[DADA101] aRtx - Reis Der Eenheid
[DADA102] Heptotrocitron / Joss Weightman - Stupid By Design
[DADA103] In Rainbows - Radiohead
[DADA104] Mixturizer + Taiko Oroshi + Kenji Siratori - Collaboration I
[DADA105] Burial - Vol. 2
[DADA106] Kitten Patrol - .
[DADA107] Black Saturn - Verses Of Noise
[DADA108] Human Missile - Fear And Temptation
[DADA109] xpourquoix - Stop This Noise Or I Will Break Your Fucking Nose
[DADA110] TICKET - Black Sheep
[DADA111] Elderly Pornography - Foodstamp Hooker
[DADA112] IDORU - Homo Ex Machina - Demo Mars 2007
[DADA113] Third I - Manual: How To Protect Yourself From Third I Noise
[DADA114] Original Tongues - Observation And Glass
[DADA115] 0N0 - Cyberjunks Not Dead
[DADA116] Cling - Luna C / Slipping Away
[DADA117] RedSK - Fuck Rodney King
[DADA118] Dental Work - 16 Bit Asteriod Wreckage
[DADA119] A Kinder Noise - Lies
[DADA120] Audiocum - Blakkened Noise Insane
[DADA121] Kitten Patrol - Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo
[DADA122] Zebra Mu - DDDD-77
[DADA123] Nanohex - Schmertz
[DADA124] Murmurists - Anethereal666.1
[DADA125] The Placenta Compilation Vol. 1
[DADA126] Lounge Gizzard - Hand-Picked
[DADA128] The Ghost And Swift Moths - Live At The Church Of The Friendly Ghost 10/13/07
[DADA129] Black Saturn - Noise From The B-Side
[DADA130] [P.U.T] - Follow My Wave EP
[DADA131] [P.U.T] - Limited Edition Series Vol. 03
[DADA132] Shaving Ronalds Car - Goatpinch
[DADA133] DJ Gaybar - DJ Gaybar
[DADA134] Church Of Binary - The Sound Spree Experiment
[DADA135] Toni! This Is Sal! - Releases Another EP!
[DADA136] DJ Fristy - My Sickest Thoughts
[DADA137] V.S.V. - Da Dark Side Of Da Doom / Doom Dada Dub
[DADA138] The Placenta Records Compilation Vol. 2
[DADA139] UEM - Ubiquitous Empty Motion (COMING SOON!)
[DADA140] The Noize Architect / Porcud - 50 track album (COMING SOON!)
[DADA141] [praw] - the __NEW SUPER__ 1640s [gold collectors edition]