Dustin Must Die FULL Label

Dustin Must Die

08-05-2008 / Breakcore, Industrial, Experimental, Noise, Techno / Label

Illbient, Industrial, Noise, Experimental, Breakcore, Chiptune, 8-Bit
Breakdancing Ronald Reagan - I Ain't Got No Stomach
I Vomit Teddy Bears - Attack Of The Computer Noisemaker
Die Society Die - The Fetid Stench Of Human Corruption
Scintillamancer - Deviant System
Sympathetic Division - Harmony Squared
RedSK - Isolating The Infected
Scintillamancer - The Reptile Transmissions
Cahier Orchestra - Desacreditado
From Dusk Till Dawn - Short-Term Memory Massacre
Alex Spalding - Killing Myself, Then Killing You...
From Dusk Till Dawn - We Color Outside The Lines
RedSK - Amazing Mangles
RedSK - Prison Cake Plastics
Alexander The Panda - They Make Porn For Us To Watch
RedSK - The Whales Are Happy ^ Your Fists Are Pink Again
Barbara's Straight Son - Drugs Are Useless Without T.V
Cahier (Orchestra) - Satanismo
sKuL - Wormhole
giveupnewyork - Fool's Gold Wedding Band
Dustin Must Die - The 8-Bit Compilation
Sympathetic Division - The Quiet Hierarchies
I Think I Did Something Wrong - I'm So Fucking Chill!
Warpig - Lovely Tank Operator
Tayside Mental Health - Forced Meat EP
Various - The 8-Bit Compilation