Night Terror Recording

Night Terror Recording

29-09-2008 / Experimental, Hardcore, Industrial, Speedcore / Label
[MP3001] Matt Bleak - Qwertycore Or Die Motherfucker
[NTR002] Matt Bleak - The Seventeen Year Old Adult EP
[NTR003] Pain Generate Sperm - Spermsucking Parasites EP
[NTR004] Mothball Z - Double Vision EP
[NTR005] Noistruct / Mandark - Sometimes...Things Need Feeding
[NTR006] Pain Generate Sperm - Rectal Pain After Rape
[NTR007] Various - Global Noise Pandemic
[NTR008] Mothball Z - God Mode
[NTR009] Michael T Roper - Emotional Incest
[NTR010] Dalit - The Secret Museum
[NTR011] BoyMeatsGirl - LargeHardonCollider
[NTR012] Speedcore Mex - Heavy Dosage
[NTR013] Necrarch - The Absence Of Light
[NTR014] Pain Generate Sperm - Four Degenerates Between Christian And Jew At Prayer
[NTR015] Eject - Mutually Assured Distortion
[NTR016] BoyMeatsGirl - Meat-Aids EP
[NTR017] Pyrotoxxxn - U.D.M.
[NTR018] Buttress O'Kneel - Mash-Up Your Ass
[NTR019] Drone-Z & Miss Chaotik - 6 Milliards De Parasites
[NTR020] Various - Lausanne - Budapest Connection
[NTR021] BoyMeatsGirl - Ravecunt Anthems For A Shitfisted Generation
[NTR022] Deftrax - Art Of Dance EP
[NTR023] Michael.T.Roper - Slutcake
[NTR024] Surrealizt - Ballistics
[NTR025] Daemian - Incubation
[NTR026] Prophex - This Is Dutchcore
[NTR027] Deftrax - Mental Disaster
[NTR028] Satanic DJ - Bassdrum Beatdown
[NTR029] Noistruct - First Taste Sampler 2010
[NTR030] Matt Bleak / Surrealizt - Electronic Abuse
[NTR031] Jesus Mohammeds, The - God Loves Us More Than He Loves You
[NTR032] Goth Von Core - Gnash
[NTR033] Hallucinojenic N Cardiac Arrest - Shadows Of A Psychopath
[NTR034] Infernal Hospital - Devastation
[NTR035] Paradeigma -
[NTR036] DJ T42 AKA Deathcut - From Paradise To Hell
[NTR037] Splitface - Night In The Madhouse
[NTR038] Lord Sinister vs Metamphkore Aka Hells Authority - Warlords
[NTR039] Imil - Dedicated EP
[NTR040] Mothball Z - Punk Arse Bitch
[NTR041] Noizzzbreed - The Grindcrusher
[NTR042] Lord Of Sp33d - Lau We Shit
[NTR043] Doc Ross - Mad Science
[NTR044] Peckerhead - Increase The Crime Rate Ep
[NTR045] Dark Frequencer - Horrorfornica
[NTR046] Mental D-struction - Extrapolation
[NTR047] Defexer - A Non-Paradoxical
[NTR048] Spinecode - Paranorgasm
[NTR049] Reckless - No One Controls You
[NTR050] Redmore - Another World
[NTR051] Raum 107 - End Of Humanity
[NTR052] Lord Of Sp33d & Dave! - Evil Vs Silly
[NTR053] Quotes, The - Extreme Prejudice
[NTR054] Darkside - Spirits Of Doom
[NTR055] Angel Enemy - Los Angeles Least Wanted
[NTR056] DJ T42 AKA Deathcut - Brain Breaker EP
[NTR057] Doc Ross - Misbegotten
[NTR058] Happy Amen - Which Block R U From?
[NTR059] Namenlosigkeit - Return Ov Dark Ages
[NTR060] Surrealizt - The Mercy Remixes
[NTR061] Razor Edge - An Artifact Of Consciousness
[NTR062] Peckerhead - Dutch Lesson 1
[NTR063] Hybrid System / Dj T42 aka Deathcut - Split Visions
[NTR064] Splitface - The Ultimate Nightmare
[NTR065] Dave! - Son, I Am EP!
[NTR066] Sm1rt - Liquid Super Dreams
[NTR067] Dark Frequencer - Experiment E.S.P.
[NTR068] Deftrax - Daily Confusion EP
[NTR069] Cloned For Eternity - Warrior Blood
[NTR070] Mothball Z - Generation Z


12/02/2014 - 20:18 The Dark Lord says : Reply

The label Is's sad because There was good tracks!
Is It possible to upload these labels for people like me who like doom-darkcore:
i Hope You Will Read This comment admin and thank You for everything You did for people who appreciate electronic music!

12/02/2014 - 23:00 adm says : Reply is here
antistatic almost is not shared